Body, Paint & Styling Leaking sunroof.... I think

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    Good evening guys.

    Was wondering if any one has come across a possible leaking sunroof on a 6th Generation.

    The only sign of water in the car is the drivers seatbelt is wet (especially with this lovely weather at the min)
    There is no water marks anywere no dampness on the head lining.. ECT

    Just thought before looked to hard at the cause thought would ask on here for any were to start. :Smile:

    Thanks in advance

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    Place a light dusting of talc powder around the suspected seals (on the inner edges) and look for the offending area after the next downfall.
    Which shouldn't be too long in waiting.
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    cheers for the tip will give it ago
  5. jaywood Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Your welcome fella, though stick with the baby powder and not this Night Scented Jasmine Soothing Talc with Aloe Vera | Floris London

    Worth getting it all off again as soon as the leak is located and a quick spray of Auto Glymn (rubber restorer/bumper care ?) Yellow Square on the rubbers that have been powdered.
    Make sure ALL the drain holes in the sunroof are clear, alas I don't yet own an Accord (the one I bought has been backed) so I cannot help you with how many drain holes, but hopefully will be able to look tomorrow.