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    Not sure how well the 'photos show this, but today I cleaned my seats using Swissvax Leather Cleaner and then treated them with Swissvax Leather Milk.

    I try to clean and treat my seats at least twice a year - to try and stop the leather from becoming too "shiny" for one thing. The Swissvax treatment is great as it not only gets the seats back to an "as new" condition, but also seems to shrink creases and "tighten" the whole surface up (and I've go no idea how or why!!).

    Anyway, method:

    1. Spray leather cleaner onto a clean cloth and apply to seats. Using the Swissvax leather cleaning brush (which comes with their kit) helps with the perforated finish on the 8th Generation Accord.
    2. Pat seats dry with another cloth. Don't be tempted to rub them too much.
    3. Allow to dry fully (about 40 minutes in the warm weather).
    4. Apply Swissvax Leather Milk to an applicator - I use a Megs foam/cloth one. Don't apply too much, and rub gently over the leather surface.
    5. Allow the product to soak in and dry - about two hours on a warm day.

    Results below. The drivers seat is now at c40k miles, and I'm amazed at how well it is standing up to heavy use with a bit of regular maintenance...:Thumbup:

    HPIM0469.JPG HPIM0470.JPG HPIM0471.JPG
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    They do look good ! :Grin:
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    Excellent above, as my seats are new I've just sealed them with gtechniq L1 leather guard
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    Looks great condition Ed :Niceone:

    Looking for opinions on different leathercare products as need to do mine soon.

    Looks top quality stuff.