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    I've just noticed that Honda now offers 5 different colours of leather as options on the new CR-V, along with the option to choose either perforated or non-perforated (as in the new Black Edition).

    That's good news IMHO - as the current limitations look a bit stingy compared to the German brands.

    The Honda site won't allow me to post the link, but if you go to 'New Cars' / CR-V / Accessories then you'll find the pictures. It indicates that it may only be available on S and SE grade cars unless I'm reading it wrong. Surely not?!

    Midnight Black, Mokka Brown, Bordeaux Red, Stone Grey & Sand Beige.


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    Hideous colours and even more hideous stitching. can't see many S/SE buying customers wanting to upgrade to that.

    Awful, awful. Standard black perforated leathers on the EX is fine. Those images on the Honda site are ghastly - I'd feel very sorry for anyone who bought those without seeing them in the flesh first. Having choice is nice, but then to have those is something else....
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    :begdiffer: (There's another one used and off the list!)

    These look the same as the leather on the new Black Edition. I much prefer the quality and the padded panels / stitching on these, but it's all about personal preference.

    The main reason I specifically avoided leather on my CR-V was dislike of the perforated leather on my Accord and the CR-V. The centre panels are quite thin, and to my eye, the quality unconvincing - creasing far too easily and deeply. The maintenance for me to keep them in the condition I like was too much of a hassle for an everyday car.

    The extra colours - whether everybody likes them or not - can only be a good thing. Pity they don't offer them across the range from new, but hopefully that will come.
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    Obviously I am in no position to question your experience with the said seats, but I personally have never had any creasing issues on the centre panel(s) at all.

    don't get me wrong - I'm all for colour choices on the interior seating, but I think that the piping/stitching is way OTT to the point it looks horrible. Of course, only my perspective and it won't be valid for all :Niceone:
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    one man's rubbish is another man's gold so what looks OTT/horrible might be exactly what someone wants.. if everyone wanted the same thing there would be no colours or trims or wheel designs so I think it is a good start that Honda is offering more options. Surprisingly I can't see the configuration images and it is all blank so will wait to see how bad are the images..
  6. TheDarkKnight Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Very much agree with you @legend-ary - the stitching etc though could have been a bit more conservative. The colour choices though have been a long time coming, so its good that Honda offer a little bit of variety.

    Will be interesting to see them in the flesh and also whether they extend to the SR/EX variants.
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    Just added the PDF to the first thread.
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    Hi, I have the Beige leather on my EX and it looks good. The side panels look a bit creased but not the centre (weight issue??).
    The new config is maybe only offered on the S & SE because the leather is no good with seat heating.
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    Pete Lincs
    I was presuming these are only available as a new car option, but as they are in the accessory department could they be fitted to older Gen4s like mine?

    Pete C.
  10. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Good to see they have finally recognised that we need more leather options, but I'm not sure about the colours/style.

    I'll need to see the real thing before I can say if I like them or not. :Unknown:
  11. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    I imagine they are available to fit at the factory only, but worth asking the question if you're interested...