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    hi all, I have just received in the post - gliptone leather cleaner and leather treatment. Tested it on the sofa today and was amazed with the results. Followed the on bottle instructions and wow. It does state though - only for use on real leather, not pending leather or swade. Can anyone confirm that the seats are made of real leather?

    If so look out seats!! Id also recommend getting some of this stuff, its almost like magic! !:Happy:
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    I think it means 'Patent' leather which is that high gloss really shiny stuff, usually on womens shoes and handbags, and suede which is the furry stuff, alcantara etc.

    Gliptone is fine on leather seats in cars, but test on a hidden area, just in case.

    As with most cars, its only leather on the facings of the seats, the back and sides are leather look vinyl.
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    As the husband of a master saddler I can say that the seats are leather but they have been painted. So, by all means clean them but adding conditioner as you might to real unpainted leather (in order to reintroduce natural fats and oils and make the leather supple) is a waste of money. Repair of old leather seats is through cleaning and if that is not good enough, through sanding and repainting.A good regular wipe down with a suitable cleaner is all that is needed :Smile:Happy cleaning,Neil
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    The Gliptone stuff is supposed to be the best. Can't find it for sale locally - good old Cornwall!
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    One question, I have a MK VII 2008 Saloon 2.2 EX with leather seating. Is this leather that needs to be fed or does it just need a quick wipe ?. I presume real leather is like the Connolly stuff in thr Jags ?
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    To the best of my knowledge it's real leather, I use leather cleaner then conditioner on mine (both AutoGlym, though have used normal stuff intended for sofas before with impressive results).

    For me it's a bit late, my leather seats are really cracked and worn as the previous owner really didn't take care of them at all.
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    Thanks for that, I will keep going with the Auto Glym leather blam treatment.