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    I'm looking to add LED's to the exterior door handles of my car, but wanting them to be linked up to my interior dome light, so when I unlock my car and open a door the LED's on the exterior door handles will light up as well as the dome light, can anyone shed any light on this, as to where I should wire the cables up to?

    Also I'm going to add LED light to each footwell but wanted them to light up for each door that opens, so if I open the driver door (my door lol), only the driver footwell light will come on, if I open the passenger door, the passenger footwell light will come on, and so on.

    Need as much info on this as possible as I don't want to blow anything up, hehe

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    That's a tough one. Off the top of my head I would get a LED controller which is linked to all the footwell and door handle LED's which is connected to the interior light fuse.

    I've personally done footwell lighting (however it stays on as long as the cars ignition is in II). I did think about door handle lighting but it seemed a little OTT.
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    Where did u wire up the footwell LED's to?
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    Used an add-a-circuit on the cig lighter fuse.
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    @ATR888 - add your car to the club garage mate, that way we can see at a glance what car you have and will be able to help us help you better.

    In relation to your first question - thats quite an easy one to be honest, its how I have my footwell lights connected - they react identically to the dome light on my 7th Generation, fade in and out as I open and close the doors etc etc. Tap into the courtesy light circuitary, job done. Each time you unlock, lock, open or close your doors, the LEDs in your door handle will respond accordingly. Simple.

    Your second question - I would connect them to the switch themselves. There is a single live wire going to each door switch, with the earth being made by the rear of the switch having a metal plate which earths against the cars B Pillar. I would check the amount of voltage that wire is putting out and adjust the footwell LED's accordingly. What you don't want to do is overload the circuit. Not sure if the 6th Generation uses a MICU, but on the 7th Generation, it does and this controls knowing which door is open or closed and is rather sensitive to changes in current. Do a bit of research on it, check that level of voltage on the live wire, check the draw of the LED's, make sure it isnt going to overload the circuitary. Try to find a wire diagram if possible.

    Not that hard a job to do really - I was thinking about it at one point.
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    I'm surprised the 6th Generation and also the 5th Generation Accords don't have the light under the door, like all the previous Accord had. Remember my dad had it in his 1984 Accord! It was a nice feature at night.