General Legend 2007 Main agent service Yes or No.

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    United Kingdom Freddie Barnet
    Have had this fully loaded 2007 Legend for almost a year now. Has always been serviced by main agent. Should I continue with a main agent for service as I now want some work done? I live in Barnet North London.
    Like the car, but not happy with the driving position or the turning circle, or for that matter the performance and petrol consumption around town, but all the toys are fantastic, and the build quality. Like the Karma club. Lotofrot Paul.
  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    The 'standard service jobs' can be completed by any competent mechanic. However, the Legend is not a standard car. It is far more than that.

    I would say you need a fully trained Honda Tech to take care of your Legend. Therefore, if there is one in your area, an independent Honda service centre, an indie that happens to have an ex Honda Tech, or a main dealer.
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    Definitely, but check that the main dealer has experience of working on the Legend - not all of them have.