Body, Paint & Styling Legend door mirror

Discussion in '4th Generation (2004-2012) [Acura RL]' started by JBL, Thursday 7th May, 2015.

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    Hi all, I have a loose drivers side door mirror. Anyone have a clue how to tighten it?
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    Thanks for that, I managed to get the cover off ok without breaking it, however the torx screws were so tight that I've managed to round them off both ways. Anybody got a tip to get them out.? Mine are T20 rather than the T25 that others seem to have but I have a '07 Legend (UK)
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    Hi JBL,
    I'm in a similar boat - my O/S side mirror was loose a few years ago so I tightened the torx screw. It was incredibly tough to turn (and in an awkward position too). Luckily I managed to tighten it enough before the metal gave way but now one of the screws is completely rounded. The N/S mirror is now beginning to show signs of loosening so I'm reluctant to fiddle with that in case I do the same to it.
    Can anyone help - How do you remove a torx screw that's lost its edges?
    And... why should wing mirrors on a quality vehicle like this become loose in the first place?
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    Thanks vincemince for your help, at least I was able to locate the screws, they were very tight although when you move the mirror housing you can see them moving. Tried tightening but they wouldn't move and just rounded off the edges, so I thought I'd remove them and replace, managed to remove the edges that way too . As dandoon asked, anyone got any idea how to remove very tight torx screws with no edges?