Service & Maintenance Legend front Wipers have two postions

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    The front wipers on the Legend KB1 can be set in one of two places on the windscreen – summer or winter positions.

    The summer position is the lowest point, where the wipers park on the scuttle panel, but when set in the winter position the wipers will park on the screen, by allowing the wipers to park on the screen it stops them freezing up as they are in line with the windscreen heater vents.

    To swap from one setting to the other simply involves manually pulling the wiper arms up the screen, you will feel some resistance, and the arms will move upwards and stop in line with the heater vents for the front screen, this is the winter setting. Pushing the arms back down again sets them back to the summer setting.

    The Summer Position

    Summer Position KB1.

    The Winter Position

    Winter Position KB1.
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    This is a good thing to know if you are a new owner and haven't waded through the owners handbook yet.

    Two things about these wiper settings.
    Firstly, I bet most owners don't use it winter/summer, but as a means to lift the wipers off the screen to clean it. You can't lift them from the summer position.
    Secondly, I find the auto headlights only come on soon enough if I have the wipers in the winter position. The light sensor on the dash is shaded slightly by the winter wipers. In fact these days I always switch the lights on manually. There are enough gadgets on these cars draining the battery without having the light sensor on. The sensor works 24/7 even when the ignition is off.
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    Didn't think the lights would drain the battery, I have auto lights and wipers on my Civic and have no problems... but its not the first time I've heard such a thing (at least we don't own Jags, apparently the older x and s types and even the previous xj drained the batteries in a couple of days!)
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    From memory the owners handbook says to turn the lights to off if not using the car for more than a week. By the way - you do know the handbook resides in a secret compartment above the glovebox - I've seen reports of a few people forking out for new manuals and then finding the compartment. There should also be a separate handbook for the satnav and eastern europe DVD. Mine were missing. Behind the secret compartment is the cabin filter. My car was just under three years old when I bought it and it had lived all its life in the city - changing the cabin filter made a huge difference to the aircon. Its easy to do with instructions in the handbook.
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    I had a similar thing with the Civic - the clovebox is huge, but there's a separate "slot" in the lid itself where manuals reside.... silly me was too busy looking in the glovebox to notice it hiding in the other place.... was my missus who found it (a first, she normally can't see for looking either!)
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