HVAC Legend KB1 Air-conditioning diagnostics

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    Legend owners who want to explore the air-conditioning health and status can do it themselves and very easily. Lucky for you guys the HDS software cannot interrogate the aircon that well.

    How to do it?

    • Access the Navigation self test menu (switch ignition to position two and hold down the Map/Menu/Cancel keys together for 5 seconds)
    • Select Unit Check and then Aircon – this will display any DTC‟s. if the display is blank then there are no DTC's present :Smile:.
    • To access the HVAC sensor inputs switch the ignition off and then to position Two again, confirm the OK.
    • Press the Enter‟ button, press and hold down the Auto and Recirc buttons for 5 seconds and whilst still pressing the buttons start the engine
    • Switch on the air con by pressing the A/C button and release the Auto and Recirc buttons, confirm the OK message again on the Navi unit and enter the diagnosis menu again (as above) and then select unit check then air con and this will now display the individual sensor readings as shown below.

    KB1 AOCUK Navi self test menu.JPG

    if members have any DTC they need clarification just ask :Hey: