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  1. buzbyten 146 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Any owners in the Edinburgh area?
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
  3. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    Get some club stickers of CJ (aka IchibanAccord) and spread the word dude :Smile:
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    Where and what are the stickers?
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    "Accord Owners Club" stickers so that you can put them on your car :Smile:
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    Hi buzbyten 146 - yes, I'm in Edinburgh.
    Just joined this forum
    Have owned a 2007 Legend for a couple of years now.
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    England CJ Leeds
    welcome along bud.
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    Welcome to AOC Dandoon :Smile:
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    Thanks guys :Smile:

    After 33 years of owning nothing but Civics, find I'm now struggling at times to find info and help with my Legend.
    ...this looks like a great place for owners to share experiences and knowledge.
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    Hi dandoon
    Yes i stay in the west side of Edinburgh ,what is the spec on your car ,where did you purchase it .Had mine for 1 year now and had a issue with the roof leaking but seems ok now.Sport suspension fitted and 18in tyres its a great car to drive and a few extras i have imported from the states and Aus .

    Glad to see we have more Legends in Scotland .?
  11. dandoon Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Hi buzbyten,

    I've just got the bog standard Legend with ADAS CMBS - no big wheels or anything special. Got it over 2 years ago now from Graeme Chatham.
    Windscreen side trim has a habit of coming loose; the driver's wing mirror worked loose after a couple of months; the driver's seat cushion feels like it's sagged slightly on one side; have a few annoying cabin rattles and uneven front tyre wear but nothing major.
    Have to say, after owning 6 Civics in 33 years with practically no problems at all, I've been a wee bit disappointed at these little niggles.
    But you're right, it's a very luxurious car to drive with amazing road holding and, above problems aside, it's very well put together.
    But if Honda ever make a new one they could maybe give it another 50 horses to overcome its bulk.
    Used to stay in the west side of Edinburgh - so you're maybe the graphite pearl one I've gone past a few times?
    There's a nighthawk black one in Aberlady - I've seen a lakeshore silver one a few times in Edinburgh city centre and my daughters just saw a blue one yesterday at the rugby - so maybe more here than we think.

    Oh, and Hondas aside, Scotland's full of legends!!
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  12. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    The trim noises are easily fixed just list them and if you are willing and handy with some tools it will be fixed for good with some guides.

    As all car things move with time and with pot hole UK things will get worse. Ask the Germans manufacturers they moan our roads are poor it a lame excuse to say pathetic German engineering !!

    No Honda alloy wheel to me is known to shatter when the going gets tough.
  13. dandoon Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    It may be that, because ambient noise levels are so low within the Legend's cabin, minor trim noises that would be masked in other cars sound a lot louder?
    Happy to try wielding some tools to rid the cabin of these noises if you're able to guide me...

    - The worst noise, which only started a couple of months ago, sounds like it comes from the area around the front passenger seatbelt adjuster in the B pillar. It's a very sharp loud clicking noise like 2 pieces of hard plastic rubbing under pressure. Nothing obvious on the outside of the adjuster so I'm thinking I'm going to have to take the pillar trim panel off to investigate.

    - Another "rubbing" noise comes from the joint between the plastic surround for the transmission shift stick and the ashtray unit. If I push down near the heated seat buttons I can recreate the noise.

    - When driving in often cold conditions there's another clicking noise coming from the area near the front passenger door upper hinge area near the glove box or the base of the A Pillar.

    - Creaking noises from the rear parcel shelf area, the exact source of which I've been unable to identify. When I press the area near the rear seat head restraints I can generate a creak but not sure that's what's causing the noises.

    - I did manage to successfully fix some very annoying noises from the trailing edge of the sunroof which seem to be caused by the internal and external rubber seals drying out and rubbing on the metal. I got some Gummi Pflege rubber restorer / lubricant and each time the creaks start, I coat the rubber seals with it and it stops for a few months. I've used this stuff on all the door and boot seals and get no noises whatsoever from them.
  14. Legendliving Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Sorry to hear about those noises - that would drive me nuts. I don't get any rattles squeaks or creaks from mine. When I first get in, I am occasionally aware that the driver's seatbelt on the door side can bash against the hard plastic on the side of the seat, but that is low down in the B pillar area and so probably not the same as you are hearing.

    The one around the coin/ash tray is one that the Acura owners have. They say on Acurazine "Had the same problem with the center console creaking. Take out the trim plate around the shifter and put some felt tape all around it - especially near the front by the coin pocket."

    Hope that helps
  15. dandoon Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Well Legendliving had exactly the same clunking from the driver's seatbelt on the seat base when I got the car first.
    I solved it by putting some thick sticky-back felt on the belt clip where it hits the seat base. The felt wore away after a year and I had to replace it. Is this part of the seatbelt supposed to hit the seat?
    Thanks for the pointer to the Acurazine site - I'll try taking the plastics apart and fitting something to stop them rubbing together.
  16. Legendliving Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    After I wrote the last post I did a search on the Acurazine RL pages with the term "creak" and found references to all of your noises, the A pillar one, the B pillar and the rear sunshade - some of the solutions were DIY and some from dealers who seem to prefer some sort of plastic foam. I've spent quite a lot of time on the Acurazine site and a word of warning - the Americans bought a lot of 05 model year cars that had all sorts of faults that were ironed out before we got the cars in 06.

    And with the seatbelt issue, all I can think is that maybe the Japanese who test drove these cars prior to release had the driver's seat set a lot further forward than you or I??
  17. dandoon Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Hmmm... thanks - my Legend was built in 2007 according to the seatbelt ticket so not sure how I've ended up with all these 05 RL creaks - however will check the US site out for these and their solutions.
    And yes, you could be right about the seat belt problem, my legs are considerably longer than your average Japanese driver and I have the seat as far back as it will go.
  18. buzbyten 146 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I have the dark blue version black leather seats etc.Do you have a ipod adapter fitted to your car .I take it you have not had any major issues ?
    e .
  19. dandoon Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    No iPod adapter - don't own an iPod! Although my daughters want me to get the kit for the car cos they're fed up listening to my DVD-Audio disks! Where can I get the adapter and how easy / difficult to install?
    Other than cabin creaks, loose windscreen trim (both sides now) and strange uneven front tyre wear, no major issues at all.
  20. buzbyten 146 Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


    try USA SPEC unit is a PA15-HON3 UNIT $130 PLUS SHIPPING AND IMPORT TAX ON TOP OF THIS .as of 12/09/12 Works very well and tricks the Disc changer that the ipod is a disc.
    However the downside is you loose the voice from the sat nav and you cannot have any voice commands .It really all depends how keen you are on your music but it does make a massive change in the car .The Honda sport kit is a must the car really feels the road and at the cost of a Honda OEM part its very cheap .Fitting for the kit was down by audiowise in east kilbride they are on the net............ £40....Allan is the owner fitter ,any hassle or more info then you could e/mail me :Wave:
    ta ET..