liars! and my own stupidity

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    so yeah after recently buying a car advertised on ebay as rust free and no major issues a clear MOT cert allegedly etc advertised as a pretty perfect EK turbo...

    my own stupidity and blinded by a turbo noise lol, lead my to buy the car handing 3.5k over for the priviledge my own hard earned cash I earnt honestly and worked mother flippin hard for!

    I now get the car home and basically go much deeper, taking panels off jacking up and on the hunt for anything I can find wrong to fix before I go back to work, I had a weird hunch to check online for the MOT which I didn't know gave me so much information! turns out there was lots of advisorys which some could be classed as dangerous advisorys, like corroded fuel lines, undercar corrosion, suspension corrosion pitted brakes etc, NONE of this was mentioned on the adverts as it was advertised a good all round car with no rust.....SAY WHATTTTT! no rust couldn't be far from the truth there!

    I did check all I could on the car when I brought it but so blind sided by the turbo setup etc I took the plunge, I just don't understand why people lie so bad and put people through this :thumbdown: at all be honest its better in the long run FFS

    have since been in touch with said owner trying to recoup some funding for the MOT issues he never told me about just don't understand people who seem genuine people just stand there lieing to your face making it look easy!

    id be ashamed of myself if I sold someone this car for that price in this state!

    lesson learnt but jeeeeez ...rant over lol!
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    Well this is what is wrong with the car scene. Unfortunatelly people want mountains of money for a :thumbdown: Civic that is just nicely wrapped for the sale. That is why I think that when I go for a next project it would be something either never or dirty cheap but with all the issues clearly described.
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    Yeah the car scene aint what it used to be you'd have people who genuinely have some love for the car and don't let it get to the state mine is and thankfully now MOTs are traceable online so its pointless telling porkies with much of the cars history being traceable!  Which I've done and am trying to be reimbursed some money from the sale
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    Atleast it sounds like you've found the problems now and know how to get them fixed. It is unfair that someone would with hold the truth like that, but i'm sure its a very common thing to happen.

    On the face of it the problems you mention are to be expected on cars of this age ( even newer cars suffer from them ). It still should of been mentioned during the sale/purchase.

    Get it sorted and put some photos up.
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    Currently got a build thread going on here, Im just waiting now for the rays wheel bolt remover tool so I can go a little deeper and search more! 

    Can just see pound signs all over it but I'm not giving up its a good base project car providing corrosion isn't major 
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    :thumbdown: situation to be in, especially when handing over that sort of cash! Still, live and learn as they say.

    I must admit, being able to check the previous MOT history of a vehicle is definitely one of the most helpful things when looking for cars now, I've been looking for an Accord Type-R for a while and there's been plenty that the online MOT history check has saved me from even wasting my time going to view (mainly rust / corrosion that has been picked up at previous MOTs). I now recommend the website to anyone looking to buy a used car.

    Hopefully the seller will help towards the cost of some of the repairs, but as with any secondhand car / private sale, 'sold as seen' will probably be the outcome.
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    yeah at the time I forgot you could check these things online now, it dates quite far back to be fair brilliant tool for buyers, live and learn definitely, at the minute the seller has agreed a 300 refund but damn hes taking his time sending it over my way and ignoring my texts now so likelihood of me getting it now are quite slim but I do have proof he bodged the MOT etc so next step I will report the MOT test station for passing the car with a SRS light on and no full beam and full decat exhaust, I have the texts saying it was put into another car for testing etc,

    I'm no stranger to dodgy MOTs and needs must I guess but if he wants to be funny with me ill be funny back and go a higher level! the garage did wrong and he did wrong by being very misleading!
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    Ah nice one, I didn't know you could check previous MOTs!

    I've just bought a Civic myself which shows the last MOT was in 2012 and the new one (done beginning of December) is clear.  Now I can see all the advisories it got in 2012...  Fuel lines corroded... Best check those...
  9. naDiel Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    While you are at it I am sure you would do yourself a world of good checking the brake lines as well. On the coupe I had they were the constant problem I had with it till I replaced them. Which can be done in a day on your own, but is a bit of a hassle non the less!
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    That is mentioned in a lot of previous MOTs and I think there is a slight brake imbalance. Definitely something to check I think. 
  11. naDiel Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Mine went firstly buy the drums and then underneath the car, so I decided to replace eveything. The only difficult spots were by the subframe and the tank. Otherwise pretty easy job to do.
  12. Civic92 Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Ah drums, they'll be going soon anyway :Tongue:   (Hopefully)
  13. azzab18turbo Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I've been under mine today the fuel lines will be corroded at the rear of the car near the fuel tank,  on the bend going up, brake lines look OK I think I need a damn ramp so bad just to get a proper look 
  14. naDiel Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Well my brake and (when I think about it) fuel lines were looking fine but the brake lines proved me wrong... I think I still have a braided SS hose and all the fittings to convert the lines to braided but never got round to it...

    May as well treat the Stream?  :dunno:
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    Sorry to hear all that, very unfortunate. I've always been extra picky when buying cars and I get much worse when it's older cars and when cars are advertised as "perfect". I've seen its always good to take two people with you. I always take a friend who is very good at negotiating and one of my cousins who can sniff out lies very well and keeps me controlled. I've gone to see cars before where I get excited about the set up and I'm willing to fork over a lot of money but I've been lucky to have my cousin there to stop me making rash decisions. I've learnt like you have not to act too interested or get over excited about certain points and instead be as :tut: as possible when spending that much money.

    It's upsetting how people can easily lie like that especially on something like this, you stated some points of the car where actually dangerous. How can someone live with themselves knowing they lied about something that could potentially hurt another. Anyway good luck with the plans you have for the car
  16. Kadir Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    It is always worthwhile being as thorough as you can be.

    There are plenty of genuine and honest sellers out there but there are also some right douchebags too.

    Over on another forum, a couple of members have recently been banned having been found out not just to have a number of different aliases but for telling a whole bunch of lies. I hope you can sort things out in good time.
  17. azzab18turbo Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    luckily today hes sent me 2 of the 300 hes agreed to pay me back which i won't argue with, I've been to a bodyshop for a quote on the rear panel but he couldn't quote me on the day as it wasnt within his right to do so, but still that 700 easy with parts that i can't for the life of me find inner arch and quarter panel hmph! essentially brought a fast nail lol! and :tut: me its fast but thats nothing without a good chassis, braided fuel lines quoted about 80 for parts then its labour hmph!

    im actually picky as :tut: dude but i failed here cause i couldn't be under the car and see whats what its my own fault for being blinded by a turbo haha i vouch for my stupidity but still dishonesty isnt good when selling a car quite annoying really
  18. naDiel Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Is that braided lines from MC to all 4 corners? If so that is too cheap and you still got hardlines to think about that can cause havoc when at high speed!
  19. azzab18turbo Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Its braided ptfe fuel line from tank to engine from a mate at TB developments mr2 tuners the fuel lines arent That long 
  20. naDiel Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Oh the fuel line... Well it is me needing the morning coffee and a wake up call... Probably a visit to specsavers wouldn't go a miss either!