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CR-V 10- [RE6] i-DTEC

  1. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Has any one tried jacking a CR-V with running boards. Do they obstruct the jacking points. How does having a tow bar affect the rear middle jacking point as the Honda towbar utilities the rear towing eye
  3. 155695 Premium Member Club Supporter

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    My one has the same running boards as yours (don't get me started on their shape) and I have jacked it up a few times, the last being to put the winter wheels on it in November, so I've used all 4 side jacking points.

    Absolutely no problem but if using a trolley jack, you need a high lift one given the road clearance SUVs have. I've never tried to use any other point than the 4 side ones (actually I didn't know it had one at the back), so although I've got a tow bar I can't help with that.

    What I do find useful though is an ICE hockey puck with a groove cut into it that fits onto the somewhat unusual shaped jacking points with the other side fitting neatly into the jack's lifting pad. This gives a nice secure fit and prevents any damage to the car's jacking point from the jack's metal pad.