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    Been looking at lightweight wheels as I'm bored at work!
    My current set up (19") is 21.3kg a wheel/tyre
    By going down to 18" and using a lightweight alloy something like a lenso spec c my wheels and tyres weight would go down to 17.9kg.

    Is that going to be noticeable when driving? Seems like a decent bit of weight of each wheel.
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Bored at work where have I heard that before :taunt:

    Yes mate you will feel an improvement in acceleration in city driving and a slight increase in MPG,but bigger wheels give you the best feel and high speed stability and loss of speed at high revs is low.

    I have 18 on my Tourer and it gulps fuel in town stretch it legs and its happy. 18 inch tyres are cheaper to buy too.
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    Yep, lower your cars un-sprung weight and its feel will improve. :Smile:
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    @Ichiban You're right about motorway driving, my car feels so firm and planted on the motorway. I thought it was just the new tyres on the 19's when I changed them from the 17" penta's.
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