Bulletins & Advisories Limp Mode on Cold Engine and Hard Acceleration

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    Honda TSB SN-03-004-00 dated 06-03-13 affecting CR-V I-DTEC RE6 all 2013 model year production.

    The Symptoms
    The owner may experience a MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) lit, on examining the ECU DTC P2002 is stored in the memory and the vehicle goes into limp home mode. The owner may experience this symptom if they have accelerated hard for a prolonged period (+10seconds @3000rpm) within 5 minutes of a cold start.

    The Cause
    The DTC is incorrectly set in certain circumstances when the DPF temperature is low and the exhaust gas volume is high. In these cases the ECM may incorrectly detect a DPF differential pressure problem due to an error in the ECM Software map.

    The Fix
    An ECM software update has been released to correct this issue the dealer will update the ECM software using HDS Version

    3.007.011, January 2013 or later.

    The dealer may take in excess of hour and half to apply the update.
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    Re: 4th Generation goes into limp mode on cold engine and hard acceleration

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