Pre-Facelift Model Limp mode problem/ inlet manifold pressure

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    Accord Tourer Diesel, 2004
    If I work the engine, overtaking up a hill or pushing on in the outside lane of the motorway, the car may suddenly go into limp mode. My local Honda dealer at first thought it might be a fuel filter problem (wrong way round?), but ran a diagnosis that revealed low inlet manifold pressure. They suggested it was a cracked turbo and recommended a new one for £2,500. My usual garage did a smoke test and found no evidence of any leakage. On Honda's recommendation he replaced the actuator for the butterfly valve, £160 no improvement.
    Has anyone come across this before, and/or got any ideas please?
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    Hi mate, welcome to HK, I don't know enough about these engines to offer any help but I'd recommend asking in the 7th Generation section here, you're more likely to get a response :Niceone:
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    Thank you. I thought I'd put in the 7th Generation (guess I've got a bit to learn!). I see that Nels has moved it, so thanks to you as well!
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    No problem. I found it took a little time to find my way around initially.
    If in doubt, just ask. We only bite when there's a full moon.
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    low inletmanifold preasure? is that a generic diagnosis. if the car went into limp mode i would expect a trouble code, as for the turbo i would expect a boost preasure fault to high or too low rather than inlet preasure. I've known map sensors require replacing on your age of accord. this could well record a false inlet preasure reading. assuming it is a dicky sensor and not an actual reduction in preasure. it is a difficult problem for anyone to diagnose on a forum. through experiance though i have come accross an ICTDI that had boost problems and it turned out the trim above the air intake (infront of the battery was sitting on top of it. it basicly cut off the cars air supply, ran normaly unless you revved it.
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