Lithium Batteries – Airborne Transportation Ban

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    Just has this sent to me via email.

    Revised IATA regulations for the transportation of
    Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal Batteries packed on their own.
    Dangerous Goods Classifications UN3480 and UN3090

    Following recent changes to IATA regulations concerning the shipment of Lithium Batteries on their own there is now a “blanket ban” for such products on all passenger aircraft.
    Carriers, such as TNT, rely heavily on using passenger airlines as well as their own cargo aircraft, but it is not possible to select the aircraft type in advance for any particular consignment.
    The practical outcome is that any shipment of batteries on their own cannot now be shipped by Air Service (Air Express). TNT will automatically route any consignment containing these products onto their Road Network (Economy Express) where the network exists as the IATA regulations do not apply to Road Transportation.

    What is the likely impact?

    The vast majority of our exports are within Mainland Europe, which means that a Road Network exists and the worst that can happen is a delay of a couple of days. A list of the countries which can be reached by the TNT Road Network is shown below.
    Beyond Mainland Europe, outside the Road Network, the situation will be more complex. In such cases TNT would have to engage their Special Services Division to ship the consignments using e.g. Sea Freight, and this could result in high costs.

    In summary, the impact of such regulation changes is likely to be very limited.