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    So with the recent heatwave, I tried on the aircon and surprise surprise it did not work. After an extremely uncomfortable 250 mile round trip in the blistering heat, I was determined to get the aircon fixed. The temperature on the OBC will give you an idea:


    I phoned up a few garages around West London (Honda and non-Honda) and decided to try out Maidenhead Honda after negotiating a very reasonable price (slightly dearer than HH but worth for me because of the distance). Anyway got to the garage the following morning and they found out that the gas has just dropped under the threshold for compressor to kick in. A quick recharge and tracer test later to detect for leaks, I was on my way out. The whole service team seemed like a decent bunch and easy to speak to. One thing that I noticed was most of the people (and there were a few) coming to drop cars were repeat custom. On the way out they offered me Littlewick Green sweets box and a complimentary wash. Result. AC works like a charm and I got to try it yesterday. More about that in 8th Generation section.
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    Good stuff Cred,in todays world trust and excellent service are hard to get.