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    Only had a 56 plate with 32k miles since April but thought I'd post how it's going.
    Like the car a lot but didn't think I'd keep it longer than a year, bought from a main dealer so came with 1yr warranty but have added another on the Honda Happiness scheme, supposed to be £400 but doing a deal at £350, beat them down to £300 and they included the Wear and Tear cover, not sure how good these things are, anyone had any experience, good or bad?
    Had a stone go through a front fog light, £150 for the replacement unit and they said they'd charge me half hour, about £60, labour.
    Took them 2 hours, none of them had ever done anything like this to a Legend, still only charged me the £60 but valeted it through out and gave me the reduced price on the warranty.
    They are costly but you can't really knock honda dealers for service!
    Been back as the air con didn't seem to be getting that cold, I guessed a regas would be needed but they checked it over and it's blowing out at 4degC, just doesn't seem to really cool the car, hopefully the British summer will kick in soon and I can see how effective it is.
    Having problems with the voice activated phone, doesn't seem to want to recognize what I'm saying but everything else voice activated seems OK, live in Essex, perhaps it doesn't like my chavvy accent :Smile:
    Not sure about the active cruise, great in traffic but seems to cut in too soon when coming up to cars then doesn't pick up that quick when I pull out to go past, find myself sticking in the outside lane.
    Try not too have the average or instantaneous MPG display on, better just to drive how you want and not worry about it, it does go well so it's nice to use it!
    I was bit worried I'd regret buying it, big car and expensive running costs but I have to say 3 months on I still look forward to going out in it every time I get in it.
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    Good to hear Goldfish :Thumbup:

    Keeps my aspirations alive for getting one in the future :Smile:
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    Briiliant car.I am also hoping to own one someday.
    Enjoy it.
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    The HFT on the Honda is very poorly set up. If you want to voice dial you have to put in numbers individually and tag them ( I can't be bothered ) if you import your phone numbers onto the sat nav system you can access them on the screen but then you have to scroll through to the number you want which I think is dangerous because you are taking your eyes off the road.
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    ^^I'd broadly agree with that. Generally I only receive calls when driving as I can't scroll through to find numbers and concentrate on the road at the same time.

    Having tried three voice control systems I'm yet to find one that works well. TBH voice control strikes me as the answer to a question that nobody asked...
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    I would love to see the Legend's engine in the Accord plus it's amazing AWD system. Check out this video, at first it didn't really grab me as I thought, big deal it can drive in a little bit of snow. But then it gets deeper and when I started thinking about trying to drive my own car in snow that's nowhere near as bad as this, it really does show how amazing this car is - especially when you see the hill at the end! It's good to see them doing realistic stuff such as moving away from a standstill deep in the snow :Smile:

    Oh my, how's this for massive humiliation! (using Honda's AWD System)

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    Picked up my legend last friday got to say i love it.Its the best all round car i have driven,I love all the gadgets and everyone has commented how sporty it looks. Its a low miler one owner car I've been looking for ages and this has all the bits on that i wanted. Its a bit of a treat for me as i ve just hit 40 i don't drink don't smoke and this is my crises car. Had legends in the past and they have been brilliant cars so hoping this one will be too.Turned me into a bit of a hooligan though! smoked some kid in his dads Audi and the look he gave me was priceless. Bit worried about repair bills but figured that if it does go horribly wrong then its only what some people lose on a new Proton after 3 years. (not that there is anything wrong with them) Go on you know you want too ! Matt
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    Congrats Matty !

    It sure is a cracker of a car.

    Rather envious of you right now :Smile:

    Pictures please :Smile:
  9. mattyg Premium Member Club Supporter

    Thanks will take some at the weekend when i get home and put some up. Whats killing me is i had to use my old car for work this week but will be pressing it into my 500 mile round commute next week so really looking forward to it. Mrs is calling me a car bore already after she caught me looking out the window in the morning to see if it was still there!.

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    View attachment 10342 As promised here is a quick piccy will try and put some more on over the weekend. Opulent blue on the 18inch wheels one owner 39000 miles apparently the old boy that had it traded it in for a honda Jazz and was in tears leaving his old car .Full honda history with 12 months warranty but looks like im going to lose this if i convert to lpg.