Body, Paint & Styling Locks Windows and Miror questions?

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    Hi guys,
    got a few questions after first few weeks of ownership.

    1. can the doors be made to lock automatically upon driving away?

    2. can the powerfold mirrors be made to operate when the keys are out of the ignition.

    3. is there a global open / close function that opens or closes the windows upon unlocking or locking the car ie holding the lock or unlock buttons down on remote.


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    Hi Roy.

    First Question there is no automatic option the easier method is to hit the button to your right on the driver side door. You can go for an aftermarket option if someone has made an plug and play option.

    Second Question No there is no provision to facilitate this option, aftermarket option do exist thou. See the CR-V section the question has been asked and some owners have give their frank views about it.

    Third Question
    The 8th Generation has anti-pinch power window operation as seen on other Honda prior to this model. It has a pulser which generates pulses during the motor's operation and sends pulses to the driver's and passenger's power window control unit. As soon as the power window control unit detects a change in the pulse frequency from the pulser, the power window control unit makes the power window motor stop and reverse. This prevents pinching your hand or fingers during auto-up operation.

    Then you have the keyless operation as seen on the KB1 Legend with a lazy lock/unlock function.
    By pressing and holding the unlock button on the keyfob, a second time within 10 seconds, the windows and sunroof open. The windows and sunroof stop moving when the unlock button is released.
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    I will have a look at the CR-V section, and also look into getting the doors to lock myself.