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    hi there,

    need some quick advice. looking at purchasing an accord tourer auto diesel. currently have a vw Passat and just will never buy vw again.

    any known issues about the accord auto diesel? any electric faults etc?

    looking at one with 55k and had 2 owners 2009, is that anything to worry about?

    my mrs wants a freelander2 but think they look cheap inside and not convinced about reliability in them yet.

    so I want the accord but need to know about any issues except DPF which I have in vw and as long as you take it a boot along the motorway I believe it is fine yeah?

    many thanks
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    If it helps, I just had a meeting with a sales rep for Mercedes Trucks and apparently they almost had Honda Accords on the table as the fleet vehicle for all their reps. He was jumping with joy he said, but they scraped the idea and decided on Mercedes cars. I can see why of course but it's still interesting to know that such an exclusive brand as Mercedes were looking at Honda AND the reps were excited.

    When's the new Accord coming out, could it be worth waiting to get a better price on the 8th Generation?
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    possibly but wanted to try get something now to be honest as going to need the room shortly. so robust cars then? nothing to worry that 4 years 2 owners 55k?

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    Others on here know (much!) more than me, but servicing strictly to schedule and use of correct grade oil is critical, so check the service history thoroughly.

    Freelander 2 is, by reputation, a more reliable car than the Freelander 1 but non-LR dealers still mostly don't like taking them in part exchange, which tells its own story I fear...although whether this is driven by past reputation rather than current reality is a different question!

    ^^Just curious, but what went wrong? As a previous, and also never again :Angry:, VW owner would be interested to know...was it just DPF issues?
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    thanks for that, so on the service history check for oil changes yeah?

    basically the vw has had to get new steering rack, new brake servo, since the day I bought it this all happened under warranty. been back at dealer since day one about not starting when engine is hot. so drive for an hour and go to a garage and put fuel in and car won't fire up. they could see each time my battery was drained when I took it back but kept charging it and saying all fine now. would never get to the bottom of it. just think the build quality is poor from them now as owned a vrs also from skoda and was also just a piece of junk. now looking to go away from vag cars and like the sounds of Honda being bomb proof engine wise and reliability as I need it for work. thanks
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    Think that is a good place to start, making sure they have used the correct grade oil, which is 0W30.

    Have a search around on the site, there is plenty of good information on here.

    If it helps, I went from a very unreliable VW Tiguan to an Accord 2.2 I-DTEC automatic, 18 months and 20k miles ago. Great decision, very smooth to drive, reasonable economy (c45-46 MPG) and beautifully made. But mine was new, so in terms of specifically what to look out for, others will advise or look around on the site.

    As you say, DPF can be an issue from what I have read, but not if regularly used on long runs as it was designed to be.
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    Parents have a FL2, 2008 2.2 Auto. Done 50k and apart from a dodgy boot catch which was replaced under warranty it's been faultless. Feels rock solid, goes okay and is reasonable on fuel, loads of fun in the snow too.
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    thanks, have another one which is low mileage but 4 owners in 4 years. worries me why a lot of them have quite a few owners with low mileage. people have issues or just not like it?

    garage won't say much on why the high owners.

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    what does anyone think about it with the owners? so one under 30k on clock 5 owners. the other 2 owners under 60k

    do these engines have timing belts or chains so no need to worry about mileage?

    both around same price and service history via Honda, well one full the other part. missed first service on the one under 60k mileage. just need your guys thoughts.

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    Number of owners isn't always an accurate representation, if it's had private plates on and been trading in at garages it can add 'owners' to the log book due to transfers.