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Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by Ragnar, Friday 25th Mar, 2016.

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    Help!...Its so difficult to find a descent model. for a couple of weeks now I've been searching the net to find to perfect Honda Accord Tourer. (2.2 icdi exec.) On finding a couple i liked the look at and scanning the "what to look for" links you steered me towards. I arranged to go and see them. One dealer had decided that being open for me when he said he would wasn't good enough. two had had deposits placed on them and the one that was the furthest away (I'm in Rochester it was in Peterborough) was a right dog, their was smoke pumping out the exhaust none of the recalls had been done on it. body work was lovely, interior showed the age but was in good nick. Everything was right apart from the bit that makes it go!

    Does anyone know a decent dealer with a good car around the 5k region that i can get my hands on? or any advice because I'm losing my mind searching this :tut: computer !
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    With the newest one being 8 years old now, finding a decent CTDi Tourer won't be an easy task. They can be complete money pits if neglected, but fantastic if they have been looked after.

    I would probably contact a Honda dealer and ask them to keep an ear out for a P/X that comes in and let them check it out for you. Other than that, its just going to be searching and travelling if you want that specific model and engine
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    There are plenty of neglected I-CTDI's our there and I wouldn't recommend them at all. The I-CTDI is a great engine, but if neglected, will cost loads to put right. Additionally, if the clutch and DMF need changing that's very expensive.
    Occasionally, a good one will turn up, but folk tend to hang on to them for quite a while. Others get snapped up for taxis.

    Now that the spring is here, you may be luckier.
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    im gonna keep looking, i don't want to end up with a .....mondeo :BavarianTractor:
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    The newer I-DTEC engine in the 8th Generation has (I believe) had quite a few of the I-CTDI issues ironed out. If you are willing to take a punt on a higher mileage, there are a couple that may be worth a look? 6JL&search-target=usedcars&radius=1500&sort=ageasc&onesearchad=used,nearlynew,new&logcode=p

    This also looks tidy, albeit looks can be deceiving...

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    £5k!?!?! No way is any 7th Generation worth anything like that amount... 8 year old cars are pretty much towards the end if their lives. I paid less than £6k for mine when it was only just three years old with FHSH and immaculate.

    Either halve your budget or start looking at 8th gens. Try to avoid any used car dealers and either buy privately or at a decent auction (like BCA).