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    Hi all. We are looking to buy a CR-V (3rd Generation) in the new year and would like some advice from current owners? Is petrol or diesel better? We’ve heard petrol is more reliable? Any advice on what to look out for when buying? Don’t want to get caught out on what will be our biggest car purchase! Thanks in advance
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    Hi @polstar79, welcome to Honda Karma.

    Petrols are generally more reliable yes. How many miles will you be doing on average per year ?

    If its less than 15K then petrol would be an automatic choice anyway, it's not worth getting a diesel to do low miles in.

    As for other CR-V advice I'll let the CR-V guys chip in on that.
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    I have a petrol 09 3rd generation with auto box. I'm really pleased with it, the best 4 wheels I've owned. Don't expect good MPG on short journeys it should average 28-30. On longer runs you can expect 40 plus. I bought mine with low mileage it's only just ticked over 41K.
    I will probably be banned on here for keep banging on how good the auto box is. But it is!
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    Hello and welcome to HK @polstar79 :welcome:
    The 3rd Generation CR-V is a great vehicle. If you cover the miles, the I-DTEC is a good choice, provided it has a full service history. There are some issues if poorly maintained, but a 2012 model should be okay.
    If you don't cover the distances, go for the petrol version. The MPG will be lower, but they are more robust and a safer bet.
    Have a good look through the CR-V section and you'll soon get a feel for things.:Hey:
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    I'm not a diesel fan but I ended up with a diesel because of the weight of the CR-V I figured I'd want the torque, plus the economy for going on journeys around the UK. Other than that the bulk of my driving is lots of very short urban trips, mainly cold engine - probably the worst kind of driving for a diesel but I do my own servicing and change the oil and filters every six months or 6.000 miles and being the CTDi I don't have to worry about a Diesel Particulate Filter. Economy wise, well I have quite a heavy right foot (which is why my previous car the MPS6 was killing me fuel wise) but when taking it easy I'm getting about 36mpg which is just above the official urban figure so I'm happy with that. When I hit the motorways etc then it goes up obviously. I'm doing over 13,000 miles a year and the economy of the diesel has been very noticeable on my wallet.

    I've not driven the 2.0 but I would suggest test driving both as I'm sure they will be very different performance wise, especially in the torque department. See which one suits your driving etc. If only we had the 2.4 petrol over here.... :Frown:

    You can get the diesel remapped to a sensible and safe level for a few hundred notes to give you more power and torque and also improve the economy even further. More importantly it will provide power right up to the red line similar to petrol engines instead of rapidly dropping off half way through the revs like many regular diesels do. This can completely change the driving experience and make it far more enjoyable and usable and so long as you aren't giving it the message all the time then the clutch and DMF lifespan should be fine.

    Either way, I'd recommend the EX trim.

    Things to look out for from my experience are (mainly for the diesel CTDi):
    • The engine should be reasonably quiet with no diesel clatter except when stone cold and you accelerate at any rate other than very gently
    • The engine shouldn't make any kind of diesel chugging noise
    • Listen out for the hydraulic lifters to make sure none are sticking/worn. You will hear them tick but when accelerating they shouldn't stand out significantly above the sound of the engine. Wynns Hydraulic Lifter Fluid sorted mine fortunately.
    • Usual stuff like check the oil level with the dipstick, if overfilled then I'd probably be a little concerned.
    • The A/C clutch/bearing had a TSB I think but it's worth listening out for it anyway.
    • Like any diesel pay close attention to the clutch and see if you can make it slip on a test drive. Also look for any DMF issues.
    • Make sure all the parking sensors work. When test driving they may turn it off because of the trade plate hanging out. The button is underneath and to the left of the steering wheel. Also check the reversing camera if it has one.
    • Listen out for any knocking from the rear when going over bumps.
    • Slide under the rear of the car and grab the rear anti roll bar and try to move it. If there's movement and you can feel it knocking then it could be the RARB bushes or drop links. Not very expensive if doing it yourself but you will most likely need access to heat for getting the nuts off.
    • Check the gear stick for any clicking sounds from lateral movement.
    • From a standstill pull away sharp in 1st and check behind for black smoke. If so then the EGR valve will need cleaning. It's a job I'd only trust myself to do to make sure it's done right and it's a bit of a pain to get to it on the CR-V.
    • Check the pollen filter. Only takes a few seconds by releasing the glove box and is a good indication of how well the car has been previously treated.
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    Graham will be so kind to do a thread with the above on a separate thread with the heading to reflect what to look out on a I-CTDI CR-V please? We will make that into a sticky.
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    No advice, I'm afraid as I'm a newbie and know as much about these as you!

    Anyway, hello from one newbie to another. Happy shopping!
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    Oops forgot about this, will do it once back on a computer.
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