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    Hi, I'm new to the AOC - hello to all...

    I currently own a 2004 MG TF in a rare-ish celestial blue metallic, anyway with winter approaching I fancied a change to a comfy warm tin top. I've been looking at ZT's X type's and stuff but the Accord appeals more to me.. Can you guys offer any assistance with regards what to look for on a 2002 Type-V please?

    Thanks guys

    Scott :Grin:
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Never owned 6th Generation so can't give you any advice but lots of 6th Generation owners here.
    Somebody will be along soon to give you some tips.
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  5. The Singing Bush New Member Getting Started

    no other info apart from a link?
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    I've not owned a 6th Generation myself sorry, so can't comment.

    Hopefully a 6th Generation owner will come along and advise you.

    AndyB1976 any advise for SingingBush ?
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    I've only got the 2002 Sport model but that list, even how short it is, is quite comprehensive.

    The problems I've had to deal with is a seized rear caliper (2010), exhaust rusted from cat back (2011), front and rear droplinks, non-return valve in the windscreen washer line.

    I've recently noticed a little bit of rust on the door, some images on here

    Service history with OEM parts would be a solid buy, timing/balancer belts at 72k or 7years.


    The 6th Generation appears to be quite a solid Accord by all accounts. The latest ones are soon going to be 12 years old so wear and tear is to be expected. Its quite a nice drive with a double wishbone/multi-link setup. Might look a bit dated or basic inside and out but it works and with less electrical and mechanical wizardry of the later generations there is fewer things to go wrong.

    Lings Honda is a good site to investigate part or basic diagrams, you might have to create an account to view and then you can view the specific variant you buy. Honda Car Parts

    Some review links on here
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    hi, I have not long had my 6th Generation 1.8 se automatic (about 2 months) the only problem I've had was random loss of ignition. tried some of the tips I spotted on this site. and last thing I tried was gearbox additive so far it has not cut out since but only done about 150 miles. but if you do have a problem put it on site, the experience on here must have a solution :Smile: make sure engine is up to normal driving temperature before you make your mind up :GoodJob:
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    Also remember cambelt has to be changed at 72k miles so make sure the car you buy has proof of that. Also it wouldn't hurt to buy an ODB2 reader and see if there are any error messages such as lambda sensor faults which are somewhat common with the 6th Generation Accord.
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    thanks alot guys, I'm still looking yet :Smile:
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    Keep us updated mate and good luck :Thumbup:
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    Check the whole exhaust system, particularly around the cat and flexy pipe area including the supports/brackets for rust.

    Lots of extras on the Type-V so just the usual checking that everything works etc. My parents have one so I'll ask them what they've had to do over the years.

    - - - Updated - - -

    anti roll bar drop links, forgot about these. done then on both 6th Generation accord's but not an expensive or big job. probably due to our crap roads.

    ignition barrell done

    could also listen out for the tappets as they are mechanical.

    corroded brake pipe

    lambda sensor replaced

    power steering pipe replaced, only a minor job

    new hand brake cable

    - - - Updated - - -

    air con pipe replaced