Pre-Facelift Model Looking to buy Honda Accord 2.0 I-VTEC SE

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    as in the title my v5 bora has finally give up the ghost and been looking for my next car

    I do like the 2.4's (especially type-s) but i should be more sensible so have decided on the 2.0 for a bit of saving on petrol and initial cost

    any difference on the actual car, interior / exterior/ engine / parts etc, between the 03 (2003) plates to the 54 plates (2005)?

    any common problems i should specifically look out for?, will be buying at around 60 - 70k miles.

    any help much appreciated
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    Hi and welcome to AOC
    Not sure 100% but think there is no difference between 03 and 54 plate Accord(someone correct me if i am wrong)
    Not much to look out for really,only thing i could think of is misting headlights on pre facelift model.
    Look for service history and just general enquiry you would do with any car.
    Good luck in finding a good one.
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    Why an SE? It's pretty much the entry level Accord, perhaps go for an executive? Can't see a massive difference in price for the upgrade.
  4. snelz New Member Getting Started

    many thanks for replies so far

    if see a good deal on the exec then might go for that aswell... but yeah mainly comes down to price really. think 3k is the maximum ill go. apart from leather seats what else does the exec offer over the se?

    is sport different to se in that it is half leather, anything else extra to the se there also?

    so, so far there is :

    Type-S (at 2.0?)

    anything else?

    as per usual getting talked into a 2.4 from friends who know what im like!

    wanted to ask some opinions on 2.4 exec semi automatic, having never drove nothing but manual.

    any major pros and cons compared to a manual?

    MPG, clutch control etc?
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    I have a 2.0 auto. The box is awful. There is no kickdown feature, it will drop gears at the slightest hint of movement on the accelerator, which is great when you are in the middle of a corner. If you boot it it will drop many gears, even down into 1st occasionally. It uses this dynamic shift model like most modern autos but it is just too sensitive to accelerator position I drive it in semi mode most of the time because the auto shift annoys me so much.

    It is a traditional auto with a torque converter so it will perform worse MPG wise than the manual. I used to have an Audi A6 2.4 with a CVT style auto box and I got better MPG out of that than I do out of the Accord.

    The 2.0 is pretty gutless for a car that size, I wish I had gone for the 2.4. I also wish I had gone for the Executive trim level as I have the SE and it is pretty basic. You basically get dual climate control, single cd, leccy windows/roof. It is missing those little things that you don't realise how useful they are until you no longer have them (like auto dimming rear view mirror). Exec adds leather, voice control, sat nav, auto lights/wipers and a few other things. It came down to cost in the end and the 2.0 SE was considerably cheaper than a 2.4 exec. I bought my 06 plate with quite low mileage and would have had to gone for an 2 yr older and 20-30k + higher mileage exec for the same price.