Pre-Purchase Looking to purchase a CR-V 2006ish help!

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    Hi all,

    Wonder if you can help. I'm in the market for a diesel CR-V around the 2006 age. Have £5000 to spend. I'm hoping to tap in to some of your expertise.

    Is there anything I should be particularly mindful of when test driving/inspecting the vehicles? Also I'm expecting at £5000 to be purchasing a vehicle with FSH and around 80/90/100000 miles on the clock. Is this a good idea and is there anything that should have been replaced by such point? EG timing belt, clutch etc..

    The car will be mainly used for family outings (3 kids 2adults and one dog) and also for towing our light 2005 swift musketeer caravan.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated as our mondeo has gone bang and we are due to go away next Fri.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Hi Danny Welcome to HK.
    On the diesel I-CTDI you have to have assurances form the seller the clutch is sound which you should test on the test drive. if the car is a tow hook then expect the clutch to have a hard life and that will be your first big expense. Check the service interval history it should be at regular interval of 12500 miles and preferably a Honda history.

    Check the oil condition and do a sniff test to determine how fresh/old the oil is. Look out for any unwanted tranny noise it can be easily fixed with flush. The I-CTDI has timing chain which are maintenance free but they are known to snap if the engine is not regularly serviced and using the correct grade of oil (0w-30)
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    Brill advice thank you very much!
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    Keep us posted on your purchase if you get stuck just ask.
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    The first one alarm bells are ringing its summer and there is no place in the UK where its snowing so how old are the pictures? What is its current shape and form so a big pass on that one.
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    Excellent point well made.. Didn't notice the snow!
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    Second is well worth a visit and the fact its has a good service history with Honda. I would examine those paperwork for the service and ring that dealer to confirm those are genuine stamps :Wink: You will need a new clutch at that mileage soon enough
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    I'm a little bit confused now! I have found two identical cars both have tow bars. The price is almost exactly the same. Both have full service history via main dealer and MOT history check indicates that they have been cared for. However one is a 2007 wit 73k miles and the other is a 2009 with 89k. So the question is would you rather have the newer car or one with less miles. Instinct tells me less miles as they are identical but I just wondered your opinions please.


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    Very difficult to answer that without seeing them both.

    If the newer one has been looked after, I'm tempted to go for it as the I-CTDI engine is good for 200k...Provided it has had the oil changed at the correct intervals and not been thrashed.
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    I'd buy on condition rather than age or mileage.

    As an example, this may be the previous model (2nd Generation) but it looks very clean and tidy. You'd probably get it for £4500 max, and then would have some money to spend on maintenance if required.

    Honda CR-V 2.2 i CTDi Sport Station Wagon 5dr

    Full Service History is a must, check invoices if available to confirm the correct grade of oil was used as even with Honda dealers it isn't always.

    Then just the usual checks. If a private sale, is the vendor's house tidy and well maintained? If it isn't you can bet the car won't have been pampered either. Is the interior clean and tidy? If the plastics are scratched up inside, it will have led a hard life. Normal warning signs.

    If a dealer purchase, check everything works and look online for reviews from previous buyers.

    My worry reading your original post is that you find yourself - through bad luck - up against time pressure. Given that you are looking to spend a sizeable chunk of cash on your new car, that isn't an ideal situation.

    I don't suppose it would be worth hiring a car for the holiday thus taking the pressure off the search? Just a thought.

    Let us know how you get on, and if you want any more advice there are plenty of members here who will help.

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    I agree the pressure of the holiday is certainly complicating things. I'm looking to buy from an approved Honda dealer. Just found one actually.. They claim it has been mistakenly added to the Internet for £1000 to little by the "new boy" and they will have to honor it. It's still out of my budget at £6995 but I've left them with my best price of £6200 if they're interested.

    It's a Honda CR-V 2.2d Es
    2007 69000 miles on the clock
    Has tow bar
    They are replacing clutch and brakes this week. FSH with some dealer services. However all the services have been done at the right time.
    12 months approved warranty. MOT & service

    What you think?
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    And thank you very much for your fab advice!
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    An Approved Used should certainly take some of the worry away.

    Have you got a link? Which dealer is it? There have been good reviews of Gilder Sheffield from members previously.
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    Actually, is it the champagne silver one at Gilder Rotherham? There aren't any pictures on their website, but it sounds good if the condition is good.
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    Hi, the one at gilder I'm going to view this afternoon. Sounds good. Would have liked a newer ref mind
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    ^^The second one for me if you can negotiate the price (and based on the pictures).

    The FHSH is worth quite a bit, the mileage is lower and the condition looks excellent, especially the interior pictures which show something either very well looked after, or very well valeted (or both).

    It also looks to have a genuine Honda towbar lurking (somebody with more knowledge will have to confirm) rather than the aftermarket on the other one.

    On the black one, it's interesting you point out the odd headlight. It looks to me as though is has discoloured significantly, which begs two questions. 1) Why would one go like that and not the other and 2) unless it has had a knock and one has been replaced.

    Weird not to replace both and leave it looking like that IMHO. I'd steer clear, that would make me nervous...
  18. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Odd that Blackpool Honda don't have that 'Approved' CR-V on the Honda Used Car Site, but yes, it is the better of the two.
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    image. image. image. image. image. Hi all,

    The one at Blackpool sounds good but they are fitting a new clutch and brakes and therefore won't budge on price. I didn't bother with the one with the foggy eye!

    However I did find one at another dealer it's an 07 plate with 72000 and FSH its immaculate however the salesman did say that a small are had been painted but I couldn't see it despite him showing me.

    Lovely inside (Es trim) obviously cared for. Was a nice drive but clutch felt high. The gear change felt a bit notchy as well but I was assured this is quite normal!?! Checked the diff - all fine.

    The price is 6500ish and as its 07 it's not an approved warranty it's a 3 month one. After some haggling they are replacing the clutch brakes and discs and giving it a 12 month. The price will be in the region of £6200. I have asked to sleep on it.

    I might add it has the witter single electric tow bar fitted.

    So what you guys think?
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    Sorry couple of errors!

    Giving it a 12 month MOT *

    It's a Honda dealer
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    Sorry again.... Would also add that the FSH is predominately Honda but the last three have been independent. It was actually owned by Honda for a while initially.

    Service history is at least every 10000 miles and on occasion lower than that
  20. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Don't know enough about tow bars to comment about that.
    Shame it isn't a Honda Approved vehicle as that would have a nationwide warrantee.
    Are they replacing the flywheel too?