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    Well here I am a gain from sunny Cyprus on my 69th Birthday, how time fly's, it's been a while since I have had my head under the bonnet (hood) for the Americans. I have now all my parts from UK. so here we go again. New speakers at last front and back, no connectors for the radio wires though I must of forgot to order them, so I soldered the joints and taped them, no shrink sleeves here you know, now I have on board entertainment. The front bumper indicators (Turn signal lights) for USA are the wrong ones, I bought them off of ebay, the year was right and the model but I was a bit suspicious because the colour of the lens is different, but there you go, so I am re modelling the front bumper, not a big job but a bit more work. Rear nearside electric window winder now in and running after a bit of messing around to find the right fuse under the bonnet, the colour coding on the car wiring is different to others and does not make things any easier, but its in and running. Still not sorted the vacuum leak as yet, may have to get a garage to smoke test it and I do the work. And the next job is to find out why when the foot brake switch is operated the engine stops, so strange, I keep on looking at the wiring diagrams to try and fathom out why, one of the wires go's to the TCM, but this model JDM does not have a TCM (as far as I can see), can't find one. Then its the spray job and make it look more like the car it should be. OK guys I'm off for my Birthday treat, my friend is buying English breakfast for me, best thing that came out of England, ha ha ha.
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Happy birthday but ...

    :Need Pics:
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Happy Birthday
    Wish I was in Cyprus now instead in this miserable windy rain lashed country LOL.
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    Cyprus is gorgeous today. A slight breeze but still near 30!
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    Hey Paul you in Cyprus?, where a bouts.
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    In Limassol staying at the Elias Beach Hotel. Go back to "sunny" England on Wednesday.
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    Ah OK I'm living in Paphos, Limassol better know now as Limossolgrad due to the number of Russians living there, enjoy your stay and have a safe journey home.

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    View attachment 9660 View attachment 9661 View attachment 9662 The front bumper cut out to take the new indicators, Centre picture foreground, the one in the back ground is from a 1993 model, hopefully this week I can take the bumper off and finish it properly with GRP and filler, so should look fine when finished and sprayed up