Exhaust System loud noise from bottom of car ! help

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    Hwy guys im having a issue where i hear like a scrapey rattle noise when i have the car in gear but not pressing the gas . Butbwhen i do the noise goes away and also when i take it out of gear . I thoughtbit could be the transmission but all the gears go in smoothly and i have no accelerating issues . Car starts ok . I also thoughtbit could be the axle but when i turn the noise doesnt happen. Another friend said it could be somthing in my exhaust is loose n but anyway any help or advise is much appreciated
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    on the exhaust system check the shield on the catalytic converter ..you mention when you start the car it rattles or smooths out when you accelerate hope that helps ... converter
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    Is this and automatic or 5speed manual? If manual it sounds like a bad throw out bearing (not expensive just a pain to fix) which is inside of the transmission. Good luck
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    If it was bad throw out bearing/release bearing you would hear the noise with the car in neutral. With the clutch down the noise should stop. Is this the case ?

    Also you wouldn't hear the release bearing with the car moving. It sounds like one of the shields.

    Get the car on a ramp, you should be able to work out where the noise is coming from.