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    Hi all

    On the way into work this morning to my surprise i got the low oil indicator light come on the OBC. I'll admit i've not checked the oil levels that recently but the car was serviced about 7K miles ago (in July) with oil etc put in. I pulled over at the nearest opportunity and the oil marker is at the lower level which i guess confirms the levels are low.

    I was planning on getting service with the oils changed etc. first week in Jan as part of a pre MOT check but will have to top up now or get the service sooner?

    But question is it normal for the oil to drop to this level after about 7K miles done? Or is this indicative of an another issue i should be worried about?

    My car is an I-DTEC ES GT (2010).


  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    For the oil light to come on that means the oil leaked or just not filled correctly. It not normal to eat up that much of oil in 7000 miles.unless you have been towing a lot of stuff around?
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    No, not towing stuff around mate - hence my concern!
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    My I-DTEC has used about 1ltr of top up oil every 10k miles, albeit not added at one go, just used to top up.

    That is pretty much in line with previous diesel cars I have owned. Petrol cars I have had virtually never needed oil top ups between services.
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    Many thanks for that. That makes me feel much better - this is my first diesel car so a little naieve on this.

    I phoned my mechanic and he isn't concerned at all about it - says it's common for it to need to be topped up in between services and said that the sensors (and dipstick) are relatively sensitive and that it mightn't take that much oil to top it up. Will topping up after work so that should give me an indication of how much is needed and will monitor closely and, is due for a pre MOT service very soon anyhow...

    - - - Updated - - -

    And again showing naivety, a search on the forum says i needed to use is ‘0w-30 engile oil that meets ACEA C2/C3 Specification’. So the following oil if i bought from Halford's wouldn't be correct?

    Castrol Edge 0W30 Oil Product Description

    Specification of Castrol Edge 0W30 Oil

    ACEA A3 B3 A3 B4
    ■API SM CF
    ■Fully synthetic technology
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    I'll leave others to advise fully on the oil question, but I have always bought my top up from the Honda dealer just to be sure!

    I always check my oil every 2 weeks as a minimum, just to be on the safe side.
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    Bigron youve just given me a right scare ticker going ten to the dozen, I've just changed my oil using the Castrol Edge 0w-30.
    Halfords spec
    • ACEA: A3 B3 A3 B4
    Castrol Spec
    Castrol EDGE 0W-30 gives you the confidence to demand maximum engine performance from today’s modern, higher revving sports and performance vehicles requiring lower viscosity oils.
    Available in 4 litre and 1 litre packs
    • VW
    • BMW
    • Audi
    • MINI
    • Smart
    • SEAT
    • Honda
    • Toyota
    • Škoda
    • Subaru
    • Mercedes -Benz
    When choosing oil, please refer to your owner's handbook and the product specifications shown above. May also be suitable for other vehicles.
    • SAE 0W-30,
    • ACEA C2, C3,
    • API SM/CF,
    • BMW Longlife-04,
    • MB-Approval 229.31/ 229.51.

    • Helps to maximise short and long term engine performance
    • Helps to sustain improvedperformance for longer, even when under pressure
    • Improves engine efficiency, independently qualified
    • Delivers excellent levels of protection across a variety of driving conditions and temperatures
    • Reduces engine deposits to help maximise engine response.

    Heart beat back to normal, not sure if you can see copied and pasted go on castrol site that oil is fine and probably the best also if you put your reg in the Halfords site for oil Castrol Edge 0w-30 comes up so god knows why it gives a petrol spec on their spec site. Im sure CJ will be along to reassure you shortly. Back to your original post my I-CTDI goes through at least a ltr of oil between service but my I-DTEC does not use any but i do check weekly, not good your light coming on hope your mechanic knows how much oil goes in.
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    Topped up after work today and it took about 2ltrs, which as i said about above, is about for about 7Kish miles done
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    Thats not good mate 2ltrs is a lot, are you sure( A ) the right amount went in ( B ) check for leak
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    Apologies - it was quite dark where i topped it up and after re-checking, it looks like it took about 1-1.25 litres

    Haven't been able to check thoroughly for leaks tonight but by sounds of it 1-1.25litres used in 7Kish is too much so needs to be checked?
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    Have to admit. Have a diesel 2008 Accord. Get it serviced annually, and do about 11000 miles a year. Never lift the bonnet. Never. So I guess the oil consumption is normal...
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    Did you check how much oil had been put into it immediately after it had been serviced via the dipstick? If not then what you believe to be the amount of oil your cars consumed is very speculative. When it was serviced 7000 miles ago the mechanic may have only put in just barely enough to stop the oil light from coming on, therefore you car might have used virtually no oil since then.
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    If memory serves right, I think the official Honda line is 900 miles per litre of engine oil for the I-DTEC engine. VW is 700 miles per litre of engine oil.

    If you've used circa 1.5 litres for 7000 miles, that's well within Honda usage thresholds.
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    Just an update on this as spoke and visited my mechanic over weekend and clarified a few things regarding mileage done

    - I've actually done 8.5K miles (not 7K) since the last service which was about just 5 months ago
    - The car has used about just over a litre of oil in that period
    - My mechanic checked for leaks and there were none and said the amount consumed is totally normal ('Cred' pointed out same above)

    So overall i'm fairly happy. I've come from only owning petrol cars so a bit naieve when it comes to diesels. As a fairly high mileage driver (approx 20K per year) this amount of oil consumed is totally within norms and i just need to be more diligent in keeping the levels monitored and topped up.

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