Suspension, Steering and Brakes Lower front ball joints?

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    Hey, has anyone got any info as to where I can source a pair of lower front ball joints?

    Mine are showing significant movement, and I now know why the inside edges of the two front tyres are shot!

    I was thinking it was tracking, alas, it's never as easy as that huh?

    I did hear a horror story today about having to buy the whole arm from Honda at £500+ each .. seriously hope that's not the case :Aghast:
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    Suspension bits are made from aluminium and ball joints can't be pressed in, from what I understand. From what I've researched, these can be used as replacement.
    Do a little bit of research. If you decide to get these, I might get 2 as well and we can split the shipping cost :Smile:
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    Hey Tim, why can't they be pressed in to aluminium? Not even if we somehow got the bushes, and took them to our local garage that had a serious press.
    £100 a side isn't the end of the world though, if it ends up as that .. I was fearing it would be much, MUCH more than that :Aghast:
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    I think aluminium is just to soft for it to work. Maybe someone with more knowledge can jump in with proper explanation as I'm not a metallurgist :Wink:. I'm yet to have your problem, but these replacement arms are pretty hard to get nowadays so I might as well get them ASAP, before they disappear completely !
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    England Susan Cornwall
    Yep, so far, in my very limited time of ownership, I think ALL Legacy parts are :tut: hard to get a hold of in the UK :Wink:
    I might just have to start an import company :Smile:
    No worries, I'm going to be looking into my ball joint issues, Ooer .. and will report back if I find a decent solution.
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