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    Hello All,
    I am hoping the wise members on the site may be able to assist me. My '03 Accord 2.0 exec recently passed an MOT first time, but came back with an advisory that the headlight lenses were discoloured (not affecting pattern). The lenses seem very dirty, but it isn't something that will just wash away. The car is fitted with headlight sprays that activate whenever I use the windscreen washers. Could this be causing a limescale build-up? Or should I try and disconnect the light washers to prevent any further build up? Or is there a way to clean them up?
    Any advice on this subject will be most welcome!
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    You can buy headlight restorers from your local autofactor, good ones can cost quite a bit but they do work. I used the 3M kit on my 99 Accord and the headlamps looked like new after
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    It's much easier than people think to restore their headlights as @chunkylover53 pointed out, the 3M kits work really well. I once did an older car of mine with toothpaste and a rag. It depends just how perfect you want them.

    I did my '03 Accord over the summer by going for fine grades of sandpapers (1200-2500) and then an abrasive polish, take a look on YouTube and you'll find tons of guides.

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