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    Well I am totally disgusted with what has happened overnight in Manchester.
    I heard about this fire at the Dogs Home late last night what a terrible terrible thing for a human scumbag to do. I won't call him a human being because he isn't.. And I hope that the authorities deal with him as harshly as they possibly can.
    There's lots of furry friends in Manchester who need help, they are injured and their home has been burnt to the ground, the response to this has been phenomenal and they still need more,the more the better. These animals can't talk so can't tell us their sufferings but we still love them to bits.
    So if you haven't seen this then Please Please check out the link and do the right thing make a donation to help any amount will do.
    So come on guys lets show support and help the dogs in need.
    Manchester Evening News is fundraising for MANCHESTER & CHESHIRE DOGS HOMES
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    I watched this on TV this morning with my labby lying down at my feet resting his head on them as dogs do and my heart went out to them.

    I have always believed that animals are better than humans and we can learn so much from them. Did you know, the humans are the only species in the animal kingdom which actively seek out to destroy and maim one another, whereas all other species only attack and kill for survival only.
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    Just checked the running total. They initially wanted £5000 the total to date £1.186.943.47p in just over 24hours. True dog lovers out there.
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    Bump this. Has anyone else made a donation???