Guides Manual Gearbox Fluid (MTF) Change

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    This was done a week ago just got round to do the DIY thread.

    Please take a moment for the basic of safety and jacking up the car and working on the car safely. Have a look at this thread It covers the 6th & 7thgen but the same principle applies to 8th Generation.Zoran car had done 35000 miles and the gear feel was slightly notch and not the usual ultra-smooth gear feel we 8th Generation are accustom t:Blink:nce the car is jacked up remove the engine cover, by remove the bolts. ( prefacelift 8th Generation Accord had bolts the facelift model have got big Philips head plastic screws.) I suggest all prefacelift owners to bin the bolts and go to the plastic one as they don't seize up

    Prefacelift Cars

    AOCUK 8th gen Engine Cover removal. AOCUK 8th gen Engine Cover removed.
    Facelift Cars
    Facelift 2013 Honda Accord Engineunder cover palastic grub (1).
    Facelift 2013 Honda Accord Engineunder cover palastic grub (2).

    Top Tip.
    On removal of the bolts soak them in a penetrating fluid so you can clean the threads with a soft brush. The bolt clips on the under body plastic trim need a squirt and clean on the thread pitch. Grime and grit can cause you to cross thread the bolts and leaving the cover not held securely. Prior to installing these bolts coat them liberally with copper slip grease for easy removal for the next time. if you are going to quick oil and manual gearbox oil changes it vital you look after this undercover. It may look insignificant but will be an issue later on, do not rush take care and attention.:Wink:
    Last thing you want is watching your engine undercover in your rear view mirror :Aghast:

    Please DO NOT over tightened these bolts they will rip the plastic trim which hold the bolt clips.I cannot stress the importance of it you will save a lot of money and hassle in buying replacement trim parts. if you take your car to Honda dealership ensure you make this assertion they will pleasantly surprise you know this.
    On the successful removal of the engine cover look for the two bolts for the manual gearbox.
    The Drain Bolt
    The Filler Bolt
    You can use drain plug and socket wrench the choice is totally down to you

    AOCUK DIY MTF drain bolt key.
    Remove the filler plug (A) and sealing washer (B), and then remove the filler bolt with its sealing washer to aid the flow of old fluid.check the condition of
    the MTF,and make sure it is at the proper level (C).
    AOCUK MTF Inspection and Replacement , drain bolt.JPG

    Top Tip
    Since your car is jacked from the front and not level you cannot use this for checking the fluid level. If your car is on four posts lift then you could. Please note due to this the old MFT will lower than expected by 200ml. On refill you will notice you will only need 1.7 litres. Install the drain plug with a new sealing washer, and refill the MTF until you see fluid exiting from the filler bung.Always use genuine Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF), you will get guaranteed performance and shift quality. You can use other transmission fluid but with the price differential between other fluids is not a lot. If you use aftermarket fluids, please do your own research about the fluid and their compatibility if you notice poor shifting quality change immediately to MTF.
    Fluid Capacity
    1.9 L (2.0 US qt, 1.7 lmp qt) at fluid change
    2.0 L (2.1 US qt, 1.8 lmp qt) at overhaul

    The R20A3
    MTF Inspection and Replacement R20A3.JPG

    The K24Z3
    MTF Inspection and Replacement K24Z3.JPG
    Install the filler plug (C) with a new sealing washer (D).

    The Two Crush washers\Sealing Washers required.
    The smaller one is for the Drain bolt and the larger one is for the filler.

    Two Litres of MTF.


    The thread is for competent and the avid DIY'rs and assumes you have a good level of skill to undertake this. Please do not attempt this is you are not comfortable to do this it best to seek professional help of dealers or another members closer to you. Or even a trip up North to me.
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    I went to do this today, but now I've got a couple of questions

    What size is that square piece that attaches to the ratchet?

    And how do you go about filling the box back up? What do u use due to space?
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    The drain plug you can use a 3/8ths rachet directly into the square socket.

    For filling I use a funnel and a pipe that just goes into the fill hole (leaving enough space for the overflowing oil to come out) .
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    As speedy as already stated I use the 3/8th tool bit with a 19mm ring spanner for more leverage if the drain bolt is tight. For the tool I use this

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    Thanks guys, I'll get it done soon!