Bulletins & Advisories MAP Sensor Failure - DTC P0069 & P0181

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    Honda have released this TSB #SQ-03-003-00 dated 24.05.16 for the follwing models.


    1. The MIL illuminates
    2. DTC P0069 (BARO Sensor/MAP Sensor Incorrect. Voltage Correlation) is stored.
    And, or
    3. DTC P0181 (Fuel Temperature Sensor / ECT Sensor/IAT Sensor Incorrect Voltage Correlation) is stored.

    The cause is due to an internal failure of the MAP Sensor.


    A countermeasure will be applied at a later date.
    Application to Production Line
    To be confirmed at a later date.
    Repair Method
    WSM Troubleshooting For DTC P0181 –
    1. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II), or press the engine start/stop button to select the ON mode.
    2. Clear the DTC with the HDS.
    3. Start the engine. Hold the engine speed at 2,000 min-1 (RPM) without load (in neutral) until the radiator fan comes on, then let it idle.
    4. Check for Pending or Confirmed DTCs with the HDS.

    Ensure the vehicle is at operating temperature before checking.

    Is DTC P0181 indicated?
    • YES - The failure is duplicated. Replace the high pressure fuel pump and the PCV return hose .Replace the Fuel
    Temperature Sensor and the fuel return hose
    NO - WSM states, "Intermittent failure, the system is OK at this time. Check for poor connections or loose terminals at the fuel temperature sensor and
    the ECM". - This is incorrect and the failure is due to the MAP Sensor and it should be replaced in this situation.

    WSM Troubleshooting for DTC P2199 –
    If after following WSM troubleshooting it leads to MAP Sensor replacement, replace the MAP sensor.
    When replacing the MAP Sensor for either DTC, first check which type of MAP sensor is fitted, then follow the repair method below.
    To identify the MAP Sensor type, check the serial number on the MAP Sensor body.
    • A MAP sensor which has a supplier part number ending in 320 is a 37830-RZ0-G01 part number.
    • A MAP sensor which has a supplier part number ending in 576 and has a white DOT is a 37830-RZ0-G02 part number.


    • If a G01 MAP Sensor is fitted, then replace it with a G11 and update the engine ECM software using HDS version 3.017.018 January 2016 or later.
    • If a G02 MAP Sensor is fitted. replace it with the G11 part (no update is required). Note: A MAP sensor which has a supplier part number
    ending in 816 is a 37830-RZ0-G11 part number. This part is the latest level countermeasure part and must be fitted in the event of any failure.


    Parts Information
    <Part Number> <Part Name>
    37830-RZ0-G11 SENSOR ASSY., MAP & TA
    The G11 part supersedes all other MAP Sensor parts. If you have dealer stock G01 or G02 parts, they must be returned to your local HLC for credit.