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    Popped up to see @Simes today, and he showed me how to pull all the centre of the dash, and helped fit the dashcam and grom audio kit... He's a lovely bloke and explained everything as we went. I'd feel confident I could pull it all out next time if my back would be cooperative for long enough. Got there at 10:45 and left around 2:40.

    Tested out the grom kit, was able to stream internet radio through the car system, connected phone to blutooth dongle and tested out receiving a call... it's not perfect, but it's better than nothing. Just need to read the instructions properly and find out which buttons on the steering activate what features on the phone.

    My phone is a MotoG 2nd Generation, so it's a 2014 model... and I think it may simply not be quite powerful enough with a 1.2ghz quad core CPU and only 1.5 or 2GB ram... Was thinking of getting the Wileyfox Storm which has been getting rave reviews and can be picked up for less than £200 when it's better than phones costing twice that... I don't do contracts and buy my phones outright, normally replacing them every 3-4yrs. I don't see the point of getting a new one every year as a fashion accessory or because it's the newest/latest model.

    Dashcam is working and recorded my drive home... Will probably check out the footage this evening and see if it needs adjusting. Got it hidden nicely behind the mirror so I can't even see it when driving and it's hard wired into the 12v socket so comes on/off with ignition.

    I only took one pic... and it's whilst Simes was in a compromising position... if he says it's OK to post... prepare for a chuckle.

    Whilst Simes was doing bits on mine, I swapped over a couple of bulbs on his for LED's... tested a blue LED puddle light on his, and a white ultra bright one on the other side... he'll see which he likes tonight... I left him with a load of 501 LEDs, enough to do his sidelights... about 5 white and5 blue... I also left him a load of micro LEDs for the dash switches... some in red and some in white... I just didn't know which ones were which, so left him half of both sets. :Smile:

    He also showed me his nice sleek phone mount... after he called mine a hideous eyesore... and I have to agree it is nice and so easy to relocated... I may have to get one myself. :Smile:

    So I have to say a massive thanks for giving up his Sunday and helping me out, it is much appreciated and if you are ever down this way... I will buy you a few beers.

    But for now... even thought it seemed like I did very little, my back is screaming out at me for painkillers and a lie down... and who am I to deny it that. :Smile:

    Cheers Simes... you're a gent.
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    Just fantastic to read this. Excellent stuff chaps.

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    I figured out why I couldn't get any music to play... I was looking in the wrong place. It defaulted to the android/emulated/music storage on the phone... needed to come up a few levels and then into SDcard1... and found my music in there... I thought I just hadn't moved music onto the SD card (which seemed odd knowing me and my music) but I had. Was just looking in the wrong place for it. I thought perhaps I'd wiped my card when I was swapping cards around... I got a new 64GB one for my tablet and used the 32GB one from it in the dashcam.. so my phone card wasn't moved or wiped at all.

    @Simes I've been looking on ebay and amazon for that little magnetic phone mount you showed me... and cannot find it at all. Found loads of bulkier, crappier ones... but nothing like yours.
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    This is what you're looking for:

    I paid £15 last week, it seems to have just gone up, although to be fair it is cheaper than on eBay:
    - - - Updated - - -
    I'm quite used to being the butt of others humour- go for it.
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    and here we go... 2016-02-28 12.08.38.
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    I think you may have caught my best side!
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    True Honda Karma spirit. Well done @Simes :salute:
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    Well done both, a great read and as @Nels says great to see the Honda Karma spirit :clap:
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    Found it cheaper @Simes

    Ordered one along with a Wileyfox Storm phone, as my Motorola is struggling to do everything with the grom software, music and voice recognition at the same time... difference is 1GB ram and a quad core 1.2ghz processor vs an 8 core 1.5ghz one with 3GB ram.

    Plus the extra 32GB of storage will come in handy... now I just need to decide what music out of the 150GB I have can fill that extra space. :Smile:

    Maybe I should have added a 128GB mSD card and put it all on there. :Smile:
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    Bizarre, that's the same Amazon link as mine, but when I posted the link it was £17, now they both go to the £14.99 item I bought.
    Hey-ho, that's the one anyway.
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    Great work lads :Drinks:

    RE: magnetic holder, I use this which is cheaper and works superbly:
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    I've had things that stick in the vents in the past and they put to much strain on those flimsy flaps and damaged it... vowed to never use one again.
    - - - Updated - - -
    Used the blutooth streaming today and it worked very well... but was very quiet... I also discovered that after rebooting my phone this afternoon it's reporting a damaged mSD card and had to format it again. Ran a check on it which came up clean, it's a decent samsung class 6... but I have had it a few years now, it's been in two phones including this one... so I ordered a 64GB card for the new phone, this 16GB one can go in the dashcam as the second card.

    I also had my first numpty caught on the dashcam this morning... so when I get home I'll download the file and edit it to post on youtube... but a typical audi :tut: not looking and pulling out on a dual carriageway 1 second after indicating without checking to see if it was clear... I had to slam on the brakes and slammed on the horn... no apology, no acknowledgement from the self entitled c*nt.

    Typically... it happened as soon as I got into Milton Keynes... just as I predicted.
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    The one I use doesn't put any strain on it, phones not that heavy to be honest and the vents on the Honda are solid build.