MB6 or EG/EK track car

Discussion in 'Track Talk' started by CG8 Accord, Thursday 5th Nov, 2015.

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    hi, I've got 1500 pounds to spend on a track slag which is gunna include everythin, i got ds2500 pads and mitch pilot sports so i aint really bothered about those but i dunno if the ronda handles well or if the EG/EK is gonna be 2 slow unless i do an engine swap. whats my best bet, get a EG/EK or get 1 of the mb6. whats the 1 that is gunna be the quickest? 
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    Tbh bud none of those are going to be 'slow' around a track. With the right investment in handling mods (tyres and suspension primarily) they will all be sufficent at handing bigger stuff their asses around the bends.

    It depends what you can pick up in your budget. The EG/EK options are certainly lighter though, and lightness is king around a track so that is certainly worth consideration. Also the mb6 has the s9b gearbox which is probably the worst in terms of gear ratios due to the fact they are so long in comparison to the s4c gearboxes that come with the b16s from the eg6 and ek4 (although, the s9b comes with a torsional LSD and this may lend itself to 'slightly' better exit speeds through corners in comparison to the non LSD s4c)

    It's all swings and roundabouts tbh, all can be modified so go with whatever you want and modify it around what you want from the car.

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    I have a facelift ek4 available 99k on it. Good arches and engine/box. 
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    thanks a lot for that scott mate, 1 more question do u reckon that like a 1.6 esi EG that was stripped would be quicker than the 1.8 vti if that was stripped and both had the same tyres n brakes? 

    teg, how much is ur EK? only got 1.5k to spend on the car and mods
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    wouldn't be an awful lot in it i wouldn't have thought. 

    Bearing in mind the weight saving on the EK would be closed down with the added power of the 6. 

    They are very different cars to drive though, so will also depend on your driving style. Just in my experience (built and raced ek4 with the c4 & s9b and now own an MC2) the EK/EG are very lively with their short wheel bases. They really require an aggressive driving style to get the most out of them. The M's, respond better to smooth driving, slighlty more stable under cornering and when stripped, pretty light too. 

    Interesting with your decision though so let us know!
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    you guys r really helpful, massively appreciate it boys. rite now i'm leaning for the mb6 cos like you said once stripped it shouldn't be too far off of the EG/EK and it would have a potential 50+HP on em. im thinkin the back end cos its a bigger car could be a bit of a problem or does it not really slide about? 
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    Personally only had mine step out in the wet .. BUT i have full interior.. Not sure what it would be like with no weight in the back..