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    I've recently become an owner of a 7th Generation Accord 2.4EX Tourer and am still getting to grips with all the bells and whistles, and working my way through the 500 page manual. But there's one thing I don't seem to be able to find.
    Is there any way, with all the clever displays, or establishing your fuel economy or average MPG on a trip?
    With my late Saab 9000 there was an electronic display of your MPG at the time, your average MPG since you last reset the trip and the distance to empty (automatically calculated by dividing your average fuel consumption into the amount of fuel remaining).
    There don't seem to be any of these features on my Accord, which is surprising since it's a newer car and had lots of 'clever' electrics.
    Keeping a note of how many miles I do between fill ups and some calculations on the back of an envelope seems a rather old fashioned way. But is there anything I'm missing?
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    There is no MPG display whatsoever on the 7th Generation, I personally use the first trip computer to total miles from a full tank, and the second for miles I've put on the car since I purchased it.

    Unless I too am missing something, the old fashioned way is the only way.
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    One my 7th Generation its displayed but mine's a diesel...
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    The pre face lifts didn't have it. The facelifts did.
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