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Discussion in 'Opie Oils' started by oilman, Wednesday 24th Dec, 2014.

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    As its Christmas you must have known we were going to do something, and haven't we just! Over the festive period Opie Oils will be giving an additional 15% off everything with voucher code PRESENT
    Over the last few months we have been busy adding new brands and product lines. These aren't just oils either, you will be surprised to see what Opie Oils now stocks, you can see all our brands here > > > >
    Don't be surprised if the Opie Oils website looks a little different, that's because it's NEW!. We only released it last week and haven't had a chance to tell you all about it but we will be early next year, but for the moment take a good look around and feel free to let us know your thoughts.
    Merry Christmas from us all at Opie Oils.
    - oilman
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    The site looks good chaps, may look in getting some pro-boost for my bike.