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    After 6 months, 28k miles, 2 new tires, new front brake pads & 4 oil changes the trusty honda passes without a single advisory...

    Apart from the normal tear & wear the diesel tugs on well chuffed considering my last car, a passat would need new CV joints every other month plus other headaches...

    Honda is a Honda regardless of how you drive it...
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    Excellent feedback and testament to Honda just amazing!
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    That's good going. Whats the mileage on your I-CDTI now AccordEZJ ?
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    Cj they don't allow cars older then 5 years into taxi here unless they are perfect so they check them thoroughly takin about an hour with older cars and since mine is a 07 plate even the examiner couldn't stop praising how good it was considering a 12plate vw had jus failed :Smile:

    Speedy its jus gone past the 149k mark and thats on the original clutch!
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