Finished Mimms 2018

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    IMG_4585.JPG IMG_4586.JPG IMG_4592.JPG IMG_4593.JPG IMG_4594.JPG IMG_4595.JPG IMG_4596.JPG IMG_4597.JPG IMG_4598.JPG IMG_4599.JPG IMG_4600.JPG IMG_4601.JPG IMG_4602.JPG IMG_4603.JPG IMG_4604.JPG IMG_4605.JPG IMG_4606.JPG IMG_4607.JPG IMG_4608.JPG IMG_4609.JPG IMG_4610.JPG IMG_4611.JPG IMG_4612.JPG IMG_4613.JPG IMG_4614.JPG IMG_4615.JPG IMG_4616.JPG IMG_4617.JPG IMG_4618.JPG IMG_4619.JPG IMG_4620.JPG IMG_4621.JPG IMG_4622.JPG IMG_4623.JPG IMG_4624.JPG IMG_4625.JPG IMG_4626.JPG IMG_4627.JPG IMG_4628.JPG IMG_4629.JPG IMG_4630.JPG IMG_4631.JPG IMG_4633.JPG Evening members!

    Attended mimms Honda day at santa pod last weekend Sunday the 8th April 2018. Brilliant day all in all, weather was terrible but the vast amount of nice Hondas on show more than made up for it! Here's some from the day:Smile:
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    That Black NSX look the perfect out of the Lot that red NA1 utter shyte.
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    Very nice pictures.

    I really enjoyed the day apart from the weather. It's the first one marque only meet I've been to and the first time I'd been to Santa Pod.

    It was a shame the weather was so bad because a lot of people were sat in their cars to keep dry so it was hard to talk to people about their cars. Hopefully it's sunny at the next one.
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