Facelift Model MK VIII accord model question

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    Hie guys. Im kinda confused with Honda Accord naming?? Which model is named MK VIII, because from what i can deduce VIII means 8 so does it mean its an 8th generation accord or what? When you are looking for A 7th Generation accord parts on ebay you see those written Honda Accord MK VIII (2003-2008).
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    Hi simbac. As far as the Euro Accord goes 7th Generation (i.e. VII) was early 2003 - May/June 2008:Unknown:.

    8th Generation (i.e. VIII) was June 2008 - today. Sounds like it might just be a typing error in the ads maybe?

    I don't think US variants were that much different in the dates of production runs - perhaps up to 10 months (perhaps a year) different but wouldn't have thought much more than that
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    You don't need to look further than each heading on the forum ..you have the dates when each respective Accord was manufactured.
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    I forgot about the dates being on the heading on each section:Foolish: That would be the easiest way to tell! :lol: