ICE & HFT Mobile phone won't pair - Samsung Galaxy S6 (Not Edge)

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    Hi All

    My Accord is a 2007, Tourer with Sat Nav and voice control.
    I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S6 (not edge) and the Honda accord system does not show in the list of devises on my mobile.

    I just paired it on wifies cheap Bluetooth portable device in her Jazz, so the S6 is working correctly.

    I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem with there S6 - if indeed any has a S6 with there Accord of the same model spec as mine?
    Thanks in advance..........
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    My S6 edge works with my HDD satnav unit, but it is more of a modern system than that in a 2007 car.
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    hi foxleys i recently had a similar problem trying to pair an s4 mini to my accord dealer investigation found that my car microphone for the HFT was at full range or volume or some thing like that and not functioning correctly in order to be able to recognise voices when spoken in car.they replaced my microphone under warranty and all ok now we paired our phones with the car the other day in about ten -fifteen minutes an s3 and my s4 mini.hope this helps you get a fix.d g.
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  5. foxleys Premium Member Club Supporter

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    Hi all, many thanks for all your help with above, I have now paired my new phone.
    It was down to me not reading the HFT manual on page 330 properly, just followed steps 1,2 & 3 to the letter and it was paired.

    Forgive me for wasting your time................shoot me now!
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    Trying to pair phone...2008 CR-V HFT with voice command....when I say phone set turns the air con fan on...any suggestions please ?
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    That must be your accent as mine pairs fine. It does convert to German when I try and call my Mrs though.