Modern (read: overcomplicated) Vehicle Wiring

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    I do find it terrifying yet beautiful at the same time.
    Zap-Zone-2017-Bentley-Bentayga-inline1. Zap-Zone-2017-Bentley-Bentayga-inline2.
    From the article:
    “The harness is delivered on a pallet that’s basically the size of the car,” says Peter Guest, Bentayga product-line director. “It’s so big and stiff, it’s not like an old-fashioned harness with flexible wires.” And there’s not just one standard Bentayga wiring harness. Each individual SUV gets a harness specifically built for it depending on its options load. In Bentley’s language, that means the harnesses are “bespoke.” But you’re probably not going to hear a salesman incorporate that into the pitch.
    It Takes a Lot of Wiring to Keep a Modern Vehicle Moving – Feature – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
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    In related news, Jaguar seems to be having some 'issues' with the F Pace SUV :Grin:

    I bought a new jaguar f-pace first edition which I rejected within 30 days because of faults.
    Definition of "full refund" after rejecting a new car | Ask Honest John | Honest John
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    Looks almost as complex as the human central nervous system.
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    It really is reaching the point where it's not possible to do anything on car electrics without the manufacturer's diagnostic system
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    It's come to a stage where all of these cars are basically disposable items after 5 years. I bet you most of these complicated cars from last 5 years, in 15 years time there will be very few of them on the road.
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