Engine & Gearbox modification of Honda CR-V 1997/8 B20 B3 enigne to 2000 B20Z1

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    Norway Jack Aril ØRJE
    Hi Thank You for reminding me coming back. I am struggeling with the above topic -andi ama bit ubnsure about how to fix it. I sawppwed the engine -howeveri had to use the old intake manfold and the old distributor . The old ECU due to differencies in between some of the connectors and also lacvk of in exa a Crankshaft speed/posistion sensor,
    however it started just ,but the dsiappointmetn cam ejsu aftea few sexcnd when it "landed" on 1500 RPM and pushed up and dow -very steady around that RPM.
    Ok I left it for 5 min and believed it has stopped . went over to the car and found out that now it suddeenly rans smootth ly on 600 ropm stady asa rock !!1???
    i did not understand an y thing so I took it fora spin and it all went very nicely -I drove over 50km and nothing happended on any kind .just fine . so i drove back home and stopped th engine and left it for a while with the engine turned off .Started it again after a coupleof hours and the same thing happened again. And this happens all the time when cooled down.
    Any idea ?
    I hvae notice that my ECU is different hen than this engine requires and i have also noted that In the ECU connectors i had A-connector + blank connector B and I had conntor C and also Connector D
    However in the year of 2000 year ECU had A + B and C and a blank D Is is possible to fix this
    all the best
    Jack from Norway
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    So are you saying the revs are going up and down on idling when you first start up the car after a while of being stopped ?

    This would probably indicate you have an airlock somewhere in the cooling system, you need to bleed the cooling system.

    As for connectors, sorry I can't advise you on that, I don't know the B series engines.