Finished Monster Unit Track Night - Knockhill (2nd August 2012)

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    I know its a bit far for most of yous but we have a couple other scots dudes on here so it could interest them. Anyhoo, the monster unit boys are organising another track night at knockhill next week. Pretty much the same script as last year and the year before. A 2 hour session from 6-8pm with an open pitlane.

    Venue: Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife, Dunfermline KY12 9TF
    Date: Thursday 2nd August
    Time: 6-8pm open pitlane with a safety briefing at 5.30

    Spectators are free to come and watch from the stands but don't bring any wee kids to the pits coz they could easily get run over, no joke! The cafe is open for a munch and there are vending machines dotted about for drinks too.

    If you're into jap motors this would be a good time to visit as the standard of cars will be very high. I'm taking my own car on and faz (funky power) is bringing his track DC2 Integra too. But also expect DC2 and DC5 Integra Type-R's, EK9 and EP3 Civic Type-R's, VTi's, S2000's, possibly a new R35 GTR plus a few evo's and porkers too amonst others.

    Should be fun. Here's some action pics from last year ... 427570819/
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    Do they only run this during the week or weekends as well ?
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    2nd of August I am be up for this ...