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    So, we're pressing to get more added to the website all the time, and have now got a new feature so you can rotate some wheels to see them at different angles!

    This means you can see how they look as they light hits them at different angles, and also allows you to see the shape of the wheel face from straight on up to very acute angles.

    An example can be seen here:

    Which wheels would you like us to do next like this - are there some people would like to see that they don't have a good idea of how they look? *

    If so, let us know and we'll get it done!
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    A few more wheels are now available for a 360 degree view...

    15x8 Bronze Grid-V

    15x7 Silver with Polished Lip Grid-V

    15x7 Steelgrey Spec 8

    15x7 and 15x8 RB in Gunmetal with Polished Lip

    15x7 Flat Black Slipstream

    17x7.5 Flat Black Grid

    15x8 Black + Polished Face BM8

    So if you ever wanted a closer look at some of our wheels, it's never been easier! These give you a great idea of exactly how the wheels look, and what the finish looks like while rotating through a fixed lighting source so you see them in direct light and shadow.
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