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    I'm new to this group but have been driving Accords for some time (1999 1.8 auto, 2004 CDTI Tourer and now the 2007 2.4 Tourer). Looking forward to what I can get (and contribute) from the forums, particularly looking at the XCarLink thread at the mo.
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    Welcome to AOC and another 2.4 tourer owner . Please post some pictures your car.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC.
  4. Hi and welcome.

    Good to see another 2.4 tourer owner as CJ says - we both have one ourselves - check out my AOC blog for some pics of mine.
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    Well I'd put some pics up, but it's exactly the same colour and wheels as yours! I have the black leather this time (I had cream last time but the wife wasn't keen), only problems with it are the dreaded clicking clutch pedal and an occasionally noisy clutch release bearing (which Honda wouldn't replace under warranty because it hadn't actually failed).

    My big long-term gripe is that the 8th Generation Accord Tourer has a much smaller boot, which rules it out as my next car. I mention it and the dealers just shrug....
  6. Great minds think alike!

    I have the master cylinder noise sometimes...right now I can think of better uses for the £200-odd quid it would cost to get it replaced though.

    Ah well, shame about the 8th Generation - let's see what Honda come up with for the 9th.