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    Hi all, I’m Bren. I have a 54 Accord cdti from new which has done 165000 on the clock.
    The car has been brilliant which is more than can be said about Honda uk . (not being informed on recalls) only after forking out £s for a new chain and manifold even when I called in at the dealership complaining about fumes in the cab....
    Anyway rant over with .My main point is its due a svc next month but was thinking of skipping it and just have a oil change ,any ideas ?
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    Morning Bren, I see your an early riser like me huh LOL.

    Non work day today and what happens bang on 06:03am (normal alarm time during the week), I'm wide awake, darn body clock is well precise Lol.

    Anyway, sorry to hear that you've had to depart with your hard earned £'s to fix your car.

    I'm not that hot on diesel engines but my advice in general would be not to skip any scheduled service intervals. Simple things like fuel filter, air filters etc do make a big difference and it may be false economy if missing a service results in something failing sometime down the line.
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    Morning and welcome to AOC
    I personally wouldn't skip a service.If you do it yourself it won't cost you much to change filters etc.
    I service my car at Honda regularly plus in between services change oil and filters myself for peace of mind.
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