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    Happy Xmas to everyone and hopefully a good new year for all
    Anyway this got me thinking - what was the most memorable Xmas present for me as a child

    My first full Liverpool football kit and a caseball
    Xmas 1968. Had to blow up the bladder for the ball , insert it into the case and then lace up the ball
    Put on new kit and went out to play footy against mothers advice , to play in the snow with all my mates
    Great fun as a bunch of kids on a field playing footy in the snow all in new liverpool or Everton kit
    Got home soaked in melted snow , put kit in front of coal fire to dry
    Suddenly a burning smell oh. xxxxx !!! The brand new socks were burning, 3 black lines across each one
    Dad not impressed , mother smiles . Me sad new socks ruined
    But a great day with mates no cares no worries just fun in the snow playing footy

    Best wishes to everyone :Xmas:. :Xmas: :Xmas:

    Footy in the snow my heroes at the time

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    Excellent thread @vincemince :Smile:

    I's also like to add my wishes for a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and successful New Year.

    My most memorable Christmas?

    1978, I was seven years old. I see a big box under the tree. Everything else was ignored as I wanted to see what the big box held (as you do).

    Subbuteo - the 1978 World Cup special edition. :OTT:

    Three teams in the box (West Germany, Holland and Brazil). A scoreboard. A pitch. Two floodlights. The World Cup trophy.

    Over the next 7 or 8 years I added to my Subbuteo collection with grandstands, extra floodlights, trophies, teams - pretty much everything they had.

    Some of it is now quite collectable, including all the trophies (still boxed) and quite a few of the (more than 100) teams I have. Ironically, as a 'little old' Watford fan the teams I wanted were the ones we were weren't the most popular and are now quite rare and sought after. I had to order them from the local toy shop - Newport County, Grimsby Town, Halifax Town, Shrewsbury...I could go on!

    It is all still in my loft now - I could never part with it - including the (now slightly battered) original box set that I got that Christmas morning...:Xmas:
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  4. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

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    That one is very easy, I know my dad spent 3 days searching to get me one, it was worth it.

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    I had that Nintendo console and the running pad with it , it was the best thing since slice bread.
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    United Kingdom Brett Bristol
    For me it was a scalextric and this was the start of my love of cars :excited:
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    For me that's easy. It was my first proper radio controlled car kit that was built over xmas day and boxing day.

    The start of a hobby that is still going strong as I am getting a 1/14 scale container kit and 20 foot trailer kit for my 1/14 radio controlled trucks in the morning.:excited:
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    I think I had three epic years, Scalextric when I was 5, then a 6ft snooker table when I was 9, then a commodore 64 when I was 12 (cars, snooker/pool, I.T. - have never left my life since).

    Merry Xmas! :drinking:
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    Phil Salisbury
    Hi everyone, merry christmas to you all.

    Mine was the SNES when it first came out with street fighter 2, it was all I wanted that year but never thought I'd actually get it.
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    Amstrad cpc 464 with a green screen monitor.

    And funnily enough a spinning yoyo, made by Coca Cola.

    Those were the days!
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    Times were tough when I was growing up, 3 kids and not a great deal of work for my folks or fairly low paid work meant that xmas time wasn't always one for loads of prezzies. I never got the Star Wars toys I wanted because they were simply too expensive... but that doesn't mean we didn't have some great xmas's and fantastic presents... the ones that stick out are...

    Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle.... oh the wonderful times I had making ramps and revving that thing up and letting it fly.
    Scalextrix... I loved this more than I can say... I would save up pocket money so I cold buy extra track pieces and cars and when a neighbour sold all of his... I convincced my folks to buy it for me at xmas which tripled the amount of track I had... far to much to actually assemble it all into one track. I forget when I sold it or gave it away (probably late teens) but in my mid 20's I picked some up again and had some fun once more... Drunk racing became a regular and amusing sport after a night out. :Smile:
    My go kart... only pedal powered sadly... but we had some nice hills near me. :Smile: Going down was always fun, dragging it back up wasn't.

    We were banned from going downstairs until the folks were up and dressed, and then we had to have breakfast before we were allowed to open presents... to keep us quiet they would sneak into our rooms and put presents from aunts and uncles into a pillow case at the bottom of the bed. We were allowed to open them... One year me and my brother were given toy police cars complete with sirens and spoken phrases.... with batteries already installed by thoughtful aunts and uncles.... great for us.. not so great for the parental units who were woken up at 4am by us playing with them.... After that, aunts and uncles were politely asked to inform the folks if anything made noise, and if it did... under the tree it went. :Smile: We still laugh about that almost 40yrs later.

    I remember playing board games, toy cars... I had this motorised Herbie that would drive around on it's own and when it bumped into something it backed up and turned in another direction... lots of fun with that one.

    Come the 80's work had improved for the folks and I got an Atari 2600 and some games for Xmas... I then sold that on a couple of years later so I could get a Commodore 64... which started my interest in computing and coding... Sadly I was born a little too early because by the ime computers were in schools I was almost ready to leave and they refused to teach me anything... thus started many years of tinkering and self teaching from the C64, Atari ST's Amiga's and then PC's. My first PC was a 486 (I'd used 286 and 386 via work) switftly followed by a Pentium... then a PII... after that I've always built my own. at one point rebuilding it every 12-15 months to keep up with the speed of new stuff coming out. Now I do it every 3 years or so with minor upgrades and a motherboard/socket/ram change every 3-4yrs.

    I remember my first boombox back in 83 or 84... had that right up until the late 90's when I finally got rid of it in the recycling.

    My first biker jacket when I was 16 or 17... I didn't ride a motorbike but i was a bit of a goth in the 80's. :Tongue: and yes I did own a suede and leather tassle jacket at one point.

    Hope everyone has a great Xmas and new year... I'm off to see the folks later this morning and will sat for a few days before heading home only to head back over on NYD... Sadly this week will not see me drinking much and aside from xmas dinner, will be trying to eat a little better as I'm waiting to hear about surgery in the new year.

    Have fun... stay safe and don't drink and drive.... you'll spill it.

    But seriously... don't drink and drive, I lost a friend to a drunk driver many years ago and it still hurts... So please be safe out there. :Smile:
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    Being an old man this takes me back a long time but apart from the birth of my daughter in December 1983 this was my childhood favourite

    It brought out the killer instinct in me which led to a distinguished career in the Services.
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    I enjoyed reading your story.

    Similar to yourself, I build my own computers aswell. It al started from the amstrad/spectrum and Commodore 64 days. I remember copying some code from a book that came with the amstrad. About 3 days later a ball bounced across the screen. Or as they called it a Sprite. Lol
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    I remember buying a magazine and typing in hundreds of lines of code... only for it not to work, and then spending hrs searching through the code to find the typo.

    I ending up writing my own adventure games in basic... simple Y/N or E/W/N/S responses, but I'd learned how to make colours on the screen so I could incorporate scenes into it... I'd spend hrs or even days writing them, and then letting the family test them out.

    Inspired by playing The Hobbit adventure game I got on xmas day along with the C64... I also got a game called Hovver Bovver from the legendary Jeff Minter (how I loved his games) but the joystick was faulty (we always found something faulty on xmas day).

    I think that may have been one of the best Xmas's ever actually... all of us sat around the computer trying to decide which way to go in the game.
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    Lol, good times.

    Unfortunately my amstrad monitor had something called a green screen, so I never knew what colour anything was. My parents occasionally let me hook it up to the TV. Best days of my life.

    Out of everything I remember my favourite past time was watching cartoons. Lol

    Jason and the wheeled warriors, dungeons and dragons followed by centurions.

    Life was great back then!