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    My Accord passed it's MOT today with only 2 advisories (bushes and oil on the front passenger shock). It's the car's first MOT in my ownership and I am very pleased with the result :Smile: not only that but it's the first car I have owned that has passed it's MOT first time ! I was going to buy a BMW but that fell through at the last minute so I think it's fate that has led me to the Honda I own now and I am more than happy with my choice of car !!!!
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    Good to hear that. Mine passed through 2 years without issue. As long it is maintain regular should last forever I guess
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    Hi Rhys that is really good going however I wish NT on MOT station would not give oil misting around a damper tube as an advisory. All Honda dampers old or new sweat around the top It is very natural. A damper is totally failed is you see excessive oil and trace of dripping ..then that is completely shot. I won't worry about that advisory one bit..
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    Ichibanaccord that is the exact description on the MOT certificate ! The tester said that there was only a tiny bit of play in the bushes aswell so all in all a pretty good result and one very happy honda accord owner :Smile::Smile::Smile:
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