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    Had an MOT done today at Shirley Honda and of course Accord passed without any advisories. That's an old news and it's to be expected anyway.

    What surprised me how much attention my car received from sales people.
    Few of them approached me to talk about my car and i had two offers to sell the car there and then.I turned it down btw.
    I guess they must like the Accord even if they don't sell them any more.

    Only two Accord's left in dealership btw tucked away in the corner.
    Both tourers diesel.
    One is 64reg tourer in blue if anybody is interested, think price was 18K.
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    I've had that with my Accord a good few times already, its always a huge compliment when others comment on the condition of your car. Well done for keeping her in such desirable condition
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    They know quality when they see it...zoo